20 Things Women Do But Don’t Admit To


Lets be honest. Women do many of the same things men do, even if they do not admit to it. Some of these things can be down right embarrassing, so why would you want to own up to doing it, right? Here are 20 things women do but don’t admit to. If you’re a woman, well, you know you’re guilty, at least of a few.


1. We pick wedgies.

Every now and again, our underwear start to crawl up our butts and we have to get them out. Of course, we look around to make sure no one is looking before reaching up to yank them back into position, but what else can a girl do?



2. We creep our exes on Facebook.

Even though we hate our exes and swear we are glad to be rid of them, we still like to creep them on Facebook to see what they’re up to and who their latest main squeeze is so we can sit around and giggle about how unfortunate she is and how stupid we once were. Sometimes, we may cry, a little.



3. We wear the same bra over and over again.

We all have our favorite bra, and even though we may have a drawer full of other bras we were once so happy to buy, we will wear the same one over and over again because it’s just so comfy. Sometimes, we won’t wash it because it doesn’t seem dirty, anyhow. Whats the point in ruining it?



4. We fall asleep in our makeup and then put more on.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we are just so tired that we fall asleep with our makeup still on. The next day, instead of washing it off and redoing it, we just put on more because who has time to waste?



5. We try to get out of shaving our armpits.

Shaving is annoying, especially when you have to shave your armpits so many of us ladies try to get out of doing it, especially in the winter. Our hair may grow long enough to braid, but it doesn’t matter because we don’t have that annoying razor burn.



6. We plan for the future after the first date.

Once we lay our eyes on someone and have one successful date, we start planning for the future. We imagine what our name would sound like paired with his, where we will live, how many kids we’ll have… Yeah, it gets a little crazy and sure, we’re jumping the gun, but what is he is “the one”? Exactly. No harm in being excited.

First Date


7. We rarely say what we really mean.

When we’re irritated, we rarely say what we mean, You will find that this is true when we have to pretend to like something or feel a certain way. Even though we’re taught not to lie, sometimes it is completely necessary to prevent someone from getting their feelings hurt because they gave a gift we didn’t like. Sometimes, we’re just so mad, we don’t know what to say so we mask it over with “fine” or “whatever”.

Texting Annoyed


8. We dress sexy on Halloween.

Halloween is the one night of the year when we get to dress sexy so of course, we’re going to do it up. As women, we can take any costume and make it sexy and the more skin showing, the better.



9. We shop way too much.

Even though we have a closet full of clothes, the mall is having a great sale, so what do we do? We go and buy more things that we do not really need. Then we try to find places to shove everything or people to pawn things we do not want anymore off on. Its a real struggle, but retail therapy is amazing.



10. We ruin fancy clothes because we don’t know how to clean them.

Women love to buy fancy clothes, but then once we wear them and get them dirty, the real trouble begins. We always want to throw everything in the wash without checking to see what temperature it should be washed on or if it is even washable at all. Next thing we know, the clothing is ruined because really… it was dry clean only.



11. We pass gas.

Just like men, we get gas and it needs to come out, but women handle things much differently. Instead of just letting one rip, no matter who is around, we deal with the problem one of two ways. We either try to pass the gas as silently as we can (slowly as well!) and hope that it doesn’t stink too much or we leave the room to let it rip. Either way, it still happens.



12. We wear pants because we’re too lazy to shave.

There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly shave your legs, especially in the summer. Fortunately, the winter is a little bit easier to hide the hair, because you can wear pants, but if you’re wearing pants in the summer, just be honest with yourself. Everyone knows you didn’t shave.


13. We pick our noses too.

Every now and again, our noses get dry and crusty inside, perhaps from being in a dry building or from the heater in the car and its annoying and sometimes painful. When we think no one is looking, we just dig for gold because we want to get the gunk that is making it hard to breath out, It happens.

Nose pick


14. We hate to poop in public.

If you’ve ever been out in public and the moment came about that you had to poop, you know how embarrassing it is to have to sit in a stall in a store or restaurant or even at work and do the deed. You want to be sure there is no one else in the bathroom while you poop, because you don’t want them to smell the odor and you want to be silent when you poop.



15. We wad up hair in the shower and forget to throw it away.

Even women have some pretty nasty habits when they shower. We get in the shower and wash our hair, balling up the pieces that we lost and sticking them to the shower wall, intending to throw the ball away when we get out. However, when we get done showering, we forget to throw them away, so the hair will still be there tomorrow.



16. We wear padded push up bras and say it’s natural.

Most women have issues with the size of their breasts. Some are too big but most women want them to be bigger. We wear padded push up bras and tell everyone that our boobs are natural, when in reality, they’re not.

Push up


17. We’re bottle blondes, but we still have dumb blonde moments.

Today, most blondes are bottle blondes, instead of naturals and even though you can tell by the dark roots, you’d never know by the way you act. We frequently have those dumb blonde moments, as embarrassing as they are and people make fun of us, but it’s all okay because we’re blonde and we look good!



18. We forget to shower every day.

As a woman, life gets pretty busy. We have to work, keep the house clean and take care of the kids, so there isn’t always time to shower and get clean. Instead, we wash our arm pits with a wash cloth, put on some deodorant and perfume to cover any smell there may be, use dry shampoo and put more makeup over what was left from yesterday. This has become acceptable.

Shower woman



19. We try clothes on we know are going to be too tight.

Even though we know that we have gained a few pounds, we still try on clothes that are a few sizes too small and sometimes, that leads to trouble. We’ve all been there in the dressing room when the dress is too tight and we can’t get it off and we’ve all ripped a few seams… or zippers.



20.  We check ourselves to see if we’re pretty criers.

Nobody wants to look ugly when they cry and we’ve all seen Kim Kardashian, so we want to be sure we don’t look like that. We also want to be sure that after we’ve had an emotional meltdown, our makeup still looks semi-decent.