20 Things Women Do But Don’t Admit To


Lets be honest. Women do many of the same things men do, even if they do not admit to it. Some of these things can be down right embarrassing, so why would you want to own up to doing it, right? Here are 20 things women do but don’t admit to. If you’re a woman, well, you know you’re guilty, at least of a few.


1. We pick wedgies.

Every now and again, our underwear start to crawl up our butts and we have to get them out. Of course, we look around to make sure no one is looking before reaching up to yank them back into position, but what else can a girl do?



2. We creep our exes on Facebook.

Even though we hate our exes and swear we are glad to be rid of them, we still like to creep them on Facebook to see what they’re up to and who their latest main squeeze is so we can sit around and giggle about how unfortunate she is and how stupid we once were. Sometimes, we may cry, a little.



3. We wear the same bra over and over again.

We all have our favorite bra, and even though we may have a drawer full of other bras we were once so happy to buy, we will wear the same one over and over again because it’s just so comfy. Sometimes, we won’t wash it because it doesn’t seem dirty, anyhow. Whats the point in ruining it?