20 Weird & Funny People Who Don’t Understand Technology At All


The modern world exists today, and these days, technology is evolving faster and faster, meaning we’ve had to adapt to it. After all, nobody wants to be clueless on technology when everyone else can use it perfectly. However, the fact is, some people just can’t adapt at the same speed as the rest of us, and this results in them making lots of hilarious mistakes when they’re faced with their tech fears. Here’s a selection of the 20 most hilarious people who don’t understand our modern world so well. Enjoy!

#1 Earphones, You’re Doing It Wrong…

Nobody likes it when there’s someone on the bus listening to really loud music and annoying everyone, which is exactly why there’s always a lot of warning notices up asking people to use their earphones. Seems like the fella below didn’t quite grasp the true meaning of this…