21 Things 00s Kids Are All Probably Embarrassed About


Being a 00s kid is awesome; we’re the kids who grew up with an internet connection, which makes us pretty cool. But of course, we didn’t become cool overnight. Here are 23 things that you’ll probably remember doing, and are now pretty embarrassed about. These 00s kids may get embarassed for the things they’ve done when they where younger, but we’re fairly sure they had an awesome childhood! Get ready to cringe!

1. You posted cryptic posts on LiveJournal so people would notice you.

“wH3n NoTh1nG f33Ls R1GhT, Wh4T iS LefT!?”



2. You downloaded the nude skin patch so you can watch your Sims WooHoo uncensored.

And of course, you named your characters after you and your crush.



3. You stalked your friends on Xanga, so you can call them out for leaving you out.

“You guys, how could you go to Urban Apparel without me!?”



4. You thought you were punk, but you only listened to Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.

Let’s face it, you were kind of a poser back in the day.



5. Aquamarine was the epitome of good filmmaking.

Mermaids were totes real, yo.



6. Your off-brand Uggs were real until someone says they weren’t.

Then again, when were Uggs ever cool? You’re better off without em.



7. Removing people from your MySpace Top 8 was how you showed disdain towards them.

“That’s for going to Hollister without me, bitch.”



8. You go home early from school just to wait for your crush to log on, so you can stalk them.

“Why isn’t he online yet!? Who is he with!? OMG!?!?!?!”



9. You watched High School Musical at least twice a month, because you really needed to learn the finale number.






10. You believed Avril Lavigne’s “anti-establishment, anarchistic” music style.

Yup, you were quite the badass.



11. Von Dutch trucker hats were the SH*T.

And none of the caps you owned were original.



12. MTV’s Next was your teenage dream.

The Jersey Shore of its day. They looked happy, at least.



13. You put your friends’ mom’s picture up on Hot or Not, you sick ass.

To be fair, she was pretty hot for her age.



14. Your downloaded porn was under a layer of like 99 folders, and they were hidden.

It was very hard to load porn into your phone back in the day. You kids have it so much more easier.



15. Quoting Borat was a religion for you.

You don’t even know where Kazakhstan is, not even a rough estimate.



16. You would put so much effort into marking your mix CDs.

All of the tracks in the CDs were bad 128kbps rips downloaded off LimeWire.



17. You tasted scented gel pens, just because you REALLY wanted to know what they tasted like.

Don’t worry. We’re not telling anyone.



18. You kept stealing people’s music on their MySpace pages, and you would deny every accusation.

“Nope, I totally did not steal this Christina Aguilera track for my own page.”



19. You stood behind Justin Guarini, and wanted Kelly Clarkson to burn.

His fro was just sooooo dreamy.



20. You thought Billy Ray Cyrus was a cool dad.

This is where you ask your kid self, “Seriously, man?”



21. You had multiple Blockbuster subscriptions, so you could skip out the late fees.

“Yeah, if I make a third subscription, no one will ever notice.”