23 Superheroes And Their Part-Time Jobs


Sure, being a superhero has a lot of perks. You get to be super famous and it makes you really successful with the girls and all. But saving the world from baddies does not help at all when it comes to paying the bills. Superheroes, just like everyone else, has got to earn a living in order to support themselves.

In his project called “Part-Time Job”, Malaysian Graphic designer Chow Han Lam shows us some occupations that our superheroes could really sink their teeth (and claws) into if ever they wanted to earn some extra cash. Here is his collection of funny illustrations depicting superheroes and their part-time jobs.

1. Mr. Fantastic at an apple farm.

Apple Farm

2. Aquaman cleaning an aquarium.



3. Harry Potter at cleaning company.

Cleaning Company

4. Hulk doing construction work.


5. Darth Vader as a gardener.



6. Ice Man in an ice-cube manufacturing plant.

Ice Cube Manufacturers

7. Deadpool as a knife thrower’s assistant.

Knives Hurled Show

8. Iron Man doing ironing services.

Laundry Shop

9. Green Lantern as a lumberjack.


10. The Invisible Woman as a magician’s assistant.

Magic Show

11. Wolverine in a meat shop.

Meat Shop

12. Thor as a blacksmith.

Metal Factory

13. The Flash as a pizza delivery boy.

Pizza House

14. Superman as a postman.



15. Cat Woman as an exterminator.

Rat Catcher

16. Captain America as a waiter.


17. Cyclops doing road construction work.

Road Construction

18. The Human Torch roasting some chickens.

Roasted Chicken Shop

19. Loki at a sheep farm.

Sheep Farm

20. Spiderman at a sports shop.

Sport Shop

21. Storm at a veggie farm.

Veggie Farm

22. Robin as a window cleaner.

Window Cleaning

23. Batman as a millionaire.

No Job