24 Endless GIF’s Looped Perfectly!


Widely argued as whether it’s pronounced as /gif/ or as /jif/, we can all agree that it’s one of the most entertaining image format in the interwebz. There are GIF’s to describe our mood, GIF’s that makes us cringe to the very core, and there are GIF’s that exists for no apparent reason. But with all these purposes of the Graphics Interchange Format (yeah, we can go technical, too, if pronunciation’s a huge problem,) the life-blood of it comes from the editing. Whether it’s to emphasize something or make us chuckle with some animated ones, the editing process is usually taken for granted. Oh, don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on these 24 amazing endless GIF’s looped so perfectly, you can watch them all day!

1. The photographer filling his portfolio with endless shots



2. The lonely guy playing frisbee with himself forever