25 Examples of Insane Method Acting


Although method acting has produced some of the most compelling scenes in films, not everyone is a fan of this type of practice. Method actors have a reputation for being hard to work with due to their unhealthy obsession with their roles. Nonetheless, a method actor’s goal is to achieve perfection in their performance and nobody can deny that many of the greatest performances in film history have resulted from an actor who completely immersed himself in the role.

1. Clint Eastwood

In 1976, Clint Eastwood was so impressed with David Webb People’s script for “The Unforgiven” that he bought it and delayed the project for 15 years until he was old enough to play the lead role.


2. Min-sik Choi

In the Korean thriller masterpiece “Oldboy”, Minsik Choi’s character uses a hot wire on his body to tally how many years he’s been locked up. Instead of using make up, this method actor decided to actually burn his flesh.He also ate a live octopus for real in this film.


3. Christian Bale

To prepare for his role in “The Machinist”, Christian Bale shed 60 pounds off by just living on an apple a day. In just six weeks, the six-foot actor gained 100 pounds of muscle for “Batman Begins”.