25 Most Laughable Movie Knock-Offs


Whenever there is a huge hype over a movie, you can almost always bet that there is going to be a sequel. You can also bet that there is going to be an unknown studio who is going to shamelessly piggyback off the blockbuster movie’s success by making their own lame version of it. These laughable “mockbusters” often have similar titles and movie posters but lacks everything else that makes a movie enjoyable like special effects and good acting.

We have compiled 25 of the lamest knock-off movies to ever grace the screen for you to enjoy. If unoriginality was a sin, the people responsible for making these lame movies would be condemned to hell for all eternity.

1. A Univision staple

A Univision staple

2. As if one crappy horror franchise wasn’t enough.

As if one crappy horror franchise wasn't enough