The 25 Tallest Buildings In The World Will Amaze You


Who hasn’t felt at least a little bit in awe when standing below a gigantic skyscraper? Huge constructions can grab the attention of almost anyone in the world, and can attract a huge number of tourists, all of whom are eager to climb to the top and get an amazing bird’s eye view of the city. Not only this, but many people enjoy checking out impressive architecture and modern design. Here’s a special selection of the 25 tallest buildings in the world, all of which are guaranteed to amaze you. Are you ready to hold your breath with some of the best views around the world?! Enjoy!

#1 Burj Khalifa

Located in Dubai, UAE. Height: 828 m; 2,717 ft

BiggestSkyscrapper1 BiggestSkyscrapper2

#2 Shanghai Tower (Under Construction)

Located in Shanghai, China. Height: 632 m; 2,073 ft