30 Absurdly Cool Portraits Of Romain Laurent


Romain Laurent, a French-born, New York-based photographer and director, has a really cool way of escaping the routine of commercial and personal projects. He creates these absurdly cool and surreal animated looped portraits that will surely make your day a little brighter.

Calling this project, “One Loop Portrait a Week”, Romain Laurent challenges himself to create one of these bizarre and laugh-out-loud portraits once a week. “As far as the intention of the series, it’s a way for me to explore a hybrid medium, experiment and being spontaneous while still sticking to a short weekly deadline.” Laurent said. “There isn’t a common concept between each loop, I just ‘go with the flow’ and see what comes to my mind each week.”

Do yourself a favor and check out these seriously cool portraits of Romain Laurent. I’m sure it will help you get through your Monday. Enjoy!

1. “Cool and Relaxed” by Romain Laurent.

“Cool and Relaxed” by Romain Laurent

2. Adriane Tidoni’s fall leaves.

Adriane Tidoni’s fall leaves

3. Aissa Logerot’s feather light takraw ball.

Aissa Logerot’s feather light takraw ball