30 Adorable & Artistic Pictures Of Cats Staring Out The Window


Cats are enigmatic animals, to say the very least. They act completely different than dogs, and have some pretty strange habits. One of these habits, albeit not so “strange”, is their habit to sit and stare out of the window, watching the world go by. And this makes us curious folks wonder, what could they be thinking about? Do they understand how our society works, just by watching? Can they see what we can’t? It’s a little deep, we know, but why do they do it? While we sit and ponder over the answers to these questions, let’s check out a beautiful and artistic compilation of powerful pictures, showing cats doing what they do best. Not sleeping or eating, but sitting at the windowsill and looking out at the world. If you like cats, you’ll probably find that these pictures make the most gorgeous desktop wallpapers. Meow!

 #1 By Anna Kryczkowska


 #2 Staring Out The Window