30 Amazing Facts About Everyday Things That Will Blow Your Mind


We tend to take things that we see everyday for granted. But did you know that behind these obvious and familiar things are some amazing facts that will boggle your mind?

In this post, you are going to learn something amazing about the things that we use everyday that you may find unbelievable. From how chain saws are originally designed to help in childbirth to how just rare platinum is, here are 30 amazing facts about everyday things that will blow your mind.

1. Bunny Rabbit.

A young rabbit is actually called a kitten, or a kit. You call a rabbit “bunny” just like you would call fish “fishy”.

A young rabbit is not a bunny. It's actually called a kitten, or a kit. Bunny is to rabbit as fishy is to fish

2. Tic Tac’s 0 sugar.

Tic Tac’s claim that they have 0 sugar is actually a lie. The truth is, they are made of 98% sugar. So how did they get away with that? The serving size of a typical sugar-free Tic Tac is .49 grams. According to the FDA, any food can’t be labeled “sugar-free” unless it has .5 grams of sugar per serving. Well played, Tic Tac.


3. Wow that’s a lot of trees.

Did you know that we have to chop 127,000 trees every day to meet the global demand for toilet paper?

127,000 trees are chopped down everyday in order to keep up with the global demand for toilet paper