30 Amazingly Creative Aquariums


Did you know that owning an aquarium can improve the quality of your life? That’s right, a study conducted in Plymouth, UK at the National Marine Aquarium found that after watching fish doing their daily business in an aquarium “people felt more positive” and “became more relaxed”.

Aquariums are intriguing and mesmerizing as they are, but for those people who want aquariums that go beyond the conventional glass box water tank display, there are actually a lot to choose from. How about an aquarium you can sleep on? Or one that doubles as your office desk? Sit back and relax as you check out these 30 amazingly creative aquariums and get ready to have your day brightened.

1. Aquarium Toilet

01. Aquarium Toilet


2. Aquarium Sink

02. Aquarium Sink


3. Duplex Aquarium  Bird Cage

03. Duplex Aquarium  Bird Cage

03. Duplex Aquarium  Bird Cage2