30 Amusing Photos of Faces in Things


Have you ever had one of those moments where you are looking at a house or a fruit or something and thought, “Hey that house is totally looking back at me.” or “Hey, that eggplant sure looks like your mom.”? If you did, you have actually just experienced a psychological phenomenon called “Pareidolia”, which basically means that the response located in the frontal cortex which allows you to spot the hidden faces manages to make its way all the way to the visual cortex enabling you to see patterns or faces in inanimate objects.

Now enough with the scientific stuff. We have compiled a selection of photos of our favorite faces in objects for your enjoyment. Check them out below!

1. A Pipe or The Three Wisemen

A Pipe or Three Wisemen

2. Bewildered Banjo

Bewildered Banjo

3. Blissful Birds

Blissful Birds

4. Chewbacca walnut

Chewbacca walnut

5. Chicken Church hopes you attend mass again next sunday.

Chicken Church hopes you attend mass again next sunday.

6. Come on baby light my fire!

Come on baby light my fire!

7. Droooool


8. Excited steering wheel is ready for a drive.

Excited steering wheel is ready for a drive

9. Face plant


10. Get Off My Lawn

Get Off My Lawn

11. Happy Headlights

Happy Headlights

12. High much

High much

13. Hmmmmm


14. Is that a smiling woman?

Is that a woman


15. Level-Headed


16. Maniacal Moccasin

Maniacal Moccasin

17. Om nom nom nom

Om nom nom nom

18. Petrified Peppers

Petrified Peppers

19. Piranha zipper

Piranha zipper

20. Playful Plugs

Playful Plugs

21. Pretty Pots

Pretty Pots

22. Sad Kiwi is Sad

Sad Kiwi is Sad

23. Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

24. Silly washing machine.

Silly washing machine

25. Sloppy Sandwich

Sloppy Sandwich

26. Suspicious House

Suspicious House

27. Take me home please.

Take me home please

28. The OMG Wall

The OMG Wall

29. These scheming boxes are planning something sinister.

These scheming boxes are planning something sinister.

30. This is one angry bag.

This is one angry bag.