30 Amusing Photos of Faces in Things


Have you ever had one of those moments where you are looking at a house or a fruit or something and thought, “Hey that house is totally looking back at me.” or “Hey, that eggplant sure looks like your mom.”? If you did, you have actually just experienced a psychological phenomenon called “Pareidolia”, which basically means that the response located in the frontal cortex which allows you to spot the hidden faces manages to make its way all the way to the visual cortex enabling you to see patterns or faces in inanimate objects.

Now enough with the scientific stuff. We have compiled a selection of photos of our favorite faces in objects for your enjoyment. Check them out below!

1. A Pipe or The Three Wisemen

A Pipe or Three Wisemen

2. Bewildered Banjo

Bewildered Banjo

3. Blissful Birds

Blissful Birds