30 Animals That Know How To Work The Camera


Some people are just born naturally photogenic. It doesn’t matter if they were photographed looking like they jus got out of bed with messy hair and no make-up at all, the camera just seems to love photogenic people.

But do you know that there are some animals who know how to work the camera equally as well? Check out these following animals who would no doubt make better models than most of us. Watch and learn how these 30 gorgeous animals work the camera.

1. “Kitty’s the name. Cuteness is the game.”


2. And that’s how it’s done.

And that’s how it’s done

3. “Welcome to my boudoir.”

Come step into my boudoir

4. Dare to bare.

Dare to bare

5. Drop it like it’s hot.

Drop it like it’s hot

6. Fierce beauty.



7. How’s it hanging, hot stuff.

Heya tere


8. “Sexy and I know it.”

I’m sexy and I know it


9. “Cleopatra ain’t got nothing on me.”

I’m so fancy


10. Cuteness overload.



11. Keeping it cool.

Keeping it candid

12. “Welcome to the gun show, doll.”

Like a boss

13. Maybe she’s born with it.

Maybe she’s born with it

14. Alaskan beauty.

Miss Alaska

15. Sultry duck.


16. Move over, Kim Kardashian!

Move over, Kim Kardashian

17. Cool as ice.

Photograph Me Here On My Purple Throne

18. This pretty primate should be on the cat walk.

Serving up some RuPaul fierceness

19. “Is this my good side?”

She knows her angle, alright

20. Seductive.

The classic ‘come hither’ look

21. Effortlessly cool.

The Coolest Cat On The Block

22. Bootylicious.

The requisite booty shot

23. This little minx.

This little minx

24. Too fabulous.

Too fabulous

25. Work it.

Work it

26. You can’t touch this.

You can’t touch this

27. You know you want this.

You know you can’t look away

28. You want some of this?

You want some of this

29. Glamorous horse.


30. Feelin’ fab!