30 Annoying People Taking Pictures of Their Food


We’ve seen many trends that have come and gone on Instagram. Some of the more famous trends were throw back Thursdays, silly selfies and the notorious duck face. Another trend that seems to have taken Instagram by storm is Foodstagramming, which mainly involves taking pictures of your food and posting it on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, these kind of people think it’s really necessary to take photos of whatever they’re eating or drinking and proceed to tell everyone how that cherry on the top of their ice cream totally made their day.

Anyway, we here at Bored Bug decided to make a new trend which involves taking pictures of people taking pictures of their food, which, hopefully will make these people realize just how annoying they look.

1. Is she seriously taking a photo of her glass of water?

About to drink water LOL

2. Because everyone’s dying to see what you’re eating.

Because everyone needs to see what you’re eating. You’re just that important.

3. “This cake rocks.”

Cheesecake Is So Punk Rock

4. The DJ Vegetarian.

DJ Vegetarian

5. “Having an epic glass of iced water right now!”

Epic Ice Water

6. She’s never seen cafeteria food before.

First Time in a Cafeteria

7. “Have you guys ever heard of Chipotle?”

Have You Guys Ever Heard of Chipotle

8.  He just really needs to share this cheese with everyone.

He Needs to Understand the Texture of the Cheese

9. “OMG a milkshake!”

I Can't Believe It! A Milkshake

10. “I can’t believe it’s still In the box!”

I Can't Believe It's Still In The Box

11. Instagramming his food so hard right now.

I May Never Have a Costco Wrap This Good Again

12. “I’m sure everyone would like to know what’s inside my burger.”

I Wonder What's in There


13. Yes, this guy is taking a picture of their leftovers.


14. Lighting expert.

lighting expert

15. Gotta get all those angles.


16. She’s got milk.

Milk Is Such A Treat

17. Another hipster making a big deal about his food.

Mint Radical


18. Mr. Depth of Field.

Mr. Depth of Field

19. “I got this.”

Mr. I Got To Get The Whole Thing In The Shot

20. Buys DSLR. Only takes pictures of food.

Must Document Carbs

21. “OMG this red onion is out of this world!”

Oh My God. RED Onion

22. Wow that’s not even real food.

Okay, This One Isn't Even Real Food

23. “This pizza’s sick, bro.”

Pizza, Bro

24. Instagram Level: 9000

so serious

25. Pretty much the faces around you foodstagrammers out there.

The Face Everyone On This List Deserves


26. Keeping his instagame strong.

The guy who literally is still in line, taking a picture of his food two seconds after getting it

27. The perfectionist.

The perfectionist

28. Get on my instagame level.

The Reason She's Alone

29. An iPhone would have sufficed.

Today, On My Food Adventures, I Tried Fries

30. Seriously, stop taking pictures of your food.

When Your Phone's Not Enough