These 30 Beautiful Souls Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Every day, we’re faced with terrible news from all across the world – political wars, religious wars, people being used and enslaved, deadly diseases, greed for money, and lack of forgiveness and love. Many of us forget that the only way to receive is by giving, that when you give good things, you receive good things. This has nothing to do with Gods or religions, but about the real energy that guides us through this life. We know that the news doesn’t always dedicate much time to actually discuss positive things, so we’re blind to the fact that good things are happening around us all the time, sometimes even more than the bad stuff we see and hear about. Just to show you what we’re talking about, we have created a very special selection that will recharge your batteries, and restore your faith in humanity. After all, these beautiful souls and stories deserve to be shared to the world. It’s pretty difficult in this world we live in nowadays, but never forget the power of the good things in life.

#1 Sharing Education

Here’s a young Egyptian girl teaching the child of a poor street worker how to read and write.


#2 There’s No Shame In Helping Others