The 30 Best And Most Beautiful Wedding Pictures Of 2014


Marriage is a special moment in the life of many couples, and many photographers can capture these moments in a sensational way. Sometimes, they have only a second to click the perfect moment, and create a picture that’s completely prize-worthy. The International Society of Wedding Professional Photographers hold a competition each year, which is divided into 20 categories, and the 80 best pictures of the four competitions are selected at the end of the year. We decided to create a special selection of some of these amazing and beautiful pictures, all of which are guaranteed to inspire and excite everyone who is waiting for their special day. Perhaps they’ll even create a spot of ‘envy’ compared to other wedding albums. Enjoy!

#1 1st Place “All About Light” Winter 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

Photographer: Chris Huang


#2 1st Place “Pure Art” Spring 2014, Denver, Colorado

Photographer: Nathan Welton