These 30 Death-Defying Photos Will Give You Vertigo


Here we have 30 death-defying photos of adrenaline-junkies who think that a life that doesn’t involve hanging off tall buildings without the assistance of ropes or climbing gear while taking selfies is a terribly wasted life.

So take a deep breath and grab onto your seat as these pee-in-your-pants inducing photos might give you vertigo. How these people are still somehow alive is beyond me.

1. South Bridge, Kiev. Photo by Vadim Mahorov.

death-defying-photography-vadim-mahorov-deadmaxopka-8 (1)

2.  Vadim Mahorov.

death-defying-photography-vadim-mahorov-dedmaxopka-9 (1)

3. Russia.


4. Atop Peter the Great Statue.


5. Radio Mast, Ekaterinburg, Russia.