30 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Facebook


One of the most entertaining and popular staples of crime reporting is the “dumb criminal” story. In fact, there’s a show called “America’s Dumbest Criminals” featuring video footages and stories of criminals who have less than stellar IQ’s.

But now, with the advent of social networks, criminals have found another way to embarrass themselves in front of the whole world while making things so much easier for the cops. Driven by the dangerous combination of ignorance and narcissism, here are some criminals who are exact opposites of evil geniuses that were caught through Facebook.

1. What.


2. This dumb criminal hopes everybody would understand him for killing his wife.

Well, at least Derek knows he's in deep shit

3. I really want to steal these clothes. Better post it on Facebook.

Tiffany -- at the Charestown County Jail


4. So you’re saying that identity theft is a crime?

This guy has exactly one friend who's as dumb as he is