30 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Facebook


One of the most entertaining and popular staples of crime reporting is the “dumb criminal” story. In fact, there’s a show called “America’s Dumbest Criminals” featuring video footages and stories of criminals who have less than stellar IQ’s.

But now, with the advent of social networks, criminals have found another way to embarrass themselves in front of the whole world while making things so much easier for the cops. Driven by the dangerous combination of ignorance and narcissism, here are some criminals who are exact opposites of evil geniuses that were caught through Facebook.

1. What.


2. This dumb criminal hopes everybody would understand him for killing his wife.

Well, at least Derek knows he's in deep shit

3. I really want to steal these clothes. Better post it on Facebook.

Tiffany -- at the Charestown County Jail


4. So you’re saying that identity theft is a crime?

This guy has exactly one friend who's as dumb as he is

5. And now you’ve sent her to juvy. Good job, Taylor.

They grow up so fast... in juvie

6. That moment when you realize you are as dumb as a bag of rocks for posting something like this on Facebook.

That moment when those very same pigs find this on your Facebook later that day

7. You misspelled statutory rape, dude.

Statutory... that's like, when they make a statue to commemorate your love, right

8. Yep, it looks like your safe, dude. It’s just you and the whole world who knows what you did. Some smooth criminal.

So smooth

9. Hospital or Morgue, buddy.

Seems legit

10. The cops are on their way, Cody.

Officer, they were ficus trees I swear

11.Too dumb to even be a drug dealer.

Now you too can get high for the low, low price of your morning Starbucks

12. They do right now, Ed.

NOW they know where I'm at


13. Perfect way to put everybody’s lives in jeopardy, you mean.

Nothing like unwinding with a road-beer


14. Um, shoplifting and robbing are kind of the same thing, Andrew.

Nothing like dropping that Shelley reference before committing a crime spree, eh

15. This is why some people shouldn’t have babies.

Nothing goes better with child endangerment like open threats to organizations like child services

16. “I’m so like Leo in ‘Catch Me If You Can’.”

No get out of jail free card IRL bro

17. Karma will bite you in the a## sooner or later.

Karma is a swift and cruel mistress

18. Is this guy seriously this dumb?

It's not like I committed a crime or anything

19. Good thinking, Brock.

its evidence

20. Too much info, Zafeer.

Indecent Exposure is this month's Happy Meal toy

21. Officially dumb.

In this situation, I'd probably take losing my job as a getting off with a warning

22. Lucky for you, unlucky for the rest of us.

I hear riding someone ass is a misdemeanor in some states

23. Um, I don’t think you understand how Facebook works, Steve.

I hate to break it to you Steven, but the world does know what you did

24. Tawnee is in for a surprise.

Hi, I'd like to report a crime my pipe is empty and I wanna smoke

25. Your post is also a good find for the cops, dude.

Gotta know where to Look like in your neighbor's jewelry box

26. Oh, believe me, you are sooooooooo getting arrested.

FUI Facebooking Under the Influence not even once

27. Stay classy, Philip.

Cute, Phil. Real cute

28. Loren is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

And you're grounded, missy

29. Brain steroid.

And if you plant 'em, a giant beanstalk will grow

30. What a dumbass.