30 Dumb People Who Are Not Fooling Anyone


In this post we are going to show you the hilariously misguided attempts some people have made in an effort to show other people just how awesome or sexy or cool they are. Basically anything they are not. These photos got so popular on the internet that it eventually sparked its own meme. The “Seems Legit” expression, which goes with pictures similar to the ones below, is a snarky retort to a photo that is obviously fake.

Enjoy these dumb and hilarious attempts of these people who are trying to pass off as legit, but certainly are not. Here are 30 dumb people who are not fooling anyone.

1. False advertising.

Big, Scary... Attitude


2. Clearly he lifts.

Clearly He Lifts

3. Come On.

Come On

4. Completely authentic.

Completely authentic.

5. Nice try, Elephant.

Dear Elephant, We Can't Be Tricked

6. I wonder if Kanye West knows.

Does Kanye know

7. Donut Seeds.

Donut Seeds


8. Ferris Buller you are not.

Ferris Buller You Are Not


9. Genius.



10. Hooray for Hollywood.

Hooray for Hollywood


11. “See this glorious mane? I’m all lion, baby.”

I Swear, I'm Not Lyin


12. If you have to say you’re legit, you’re not.

If you have to say you're legit, you're not.


13. I’m lovin’ it already.

I'm lovin' it already.

14. Impressive transformation, bro.

Impressive transformation bro

15. Well, I’m scared now.

It Just Looks Scary

16. You might want to see a doctor about that arm, bro.


17. Did you really have to use MS Paint?


18. Nailed it.


19. Nice shoes, Panda.

Nice shoes, Panda.

20. No thanks.

No thanks

21. Oh really.

Oh really


22. Okay…


23. Pizza connoisseur.

Pizza Connoisseur

24. Scary.


25. “See, it’s an iPhone because it says so right here.”

See, it's an iPhone. Says it right here.

26. Some people will sell anything.

Some People Will Sell Anything

27. Sponsored by Uber.

Sponsored by Uber

28. Now that’s what I call a transformation.

That's some transformation

29. DC fans obviously.

The parents are DC fans

30. They see me rollin’… they hatin.

They See Me Rollin'... They Hatin