30 Funniest Break Up Texts


Thanks to technology, humanity is more connected now than it ever has been before. Although oceans apart, people all over the world can now communicate and collaborate with each other thanks to these scientific advances. But with the benefits of these communication innovations comes also its own pitfalls. On the annoying side of the interlinked world you’ll find unwelcome phenomenon like email spam, viruses and the most awful of all: the dreaded break up text.

There are only a few things in this world that are more cruel than breaking up with someone through text. Although there is no pleasant way to break someone’s heart, there is certainly a right way to do it. Remember kids, breaking up with someone over text might be more convenient, but it also shows just how mush of a jerk you are.

Here are the worst of the worst break up texts ever. Sit back and enjoy the fact that these folks don’t have your number.

1. An honest mistake.

An honest mistake.

2. Andy’s in big trouble.

Andy's in big trouble.

3. Awkward doesn’t even describe it.

Awkward doesn't even describe it.

4. Boom.


5. Can’t take a hint.

Can't take a hint.

6. Coz words are not enough.

Coz words are not enough.

7. Damn autocorrect.

Damn autocorrect

8. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

9. Enlightening text.

Enlightening text.

10. Facts.


11. Go James!

Go James.

12. Go James.

Go James.

13. Her logic is sound.

Good decision.


14. That’s cold, man.



15. Knock knock joke.

Knock knock joke.


16. Magic trick.

Magic trick


17. Nooooo!!!



18. Oops.



19. Ouch.



20. Seriously?



21. She took it well.

She took it well.


22. Thank God.

Thank God.


23. There’s always a Batman reference for everything.

There's always a Batman reference for everything.


24. Point taken.


25. Vinegar=Laid



26. Who texts like this.

Who texts like this.

27. Nice going, sweetie.

Wrong anniversary

28. You’re both retarded.

You're both retarded.


29. Subtle.

Other People


30. Thanks a lot, mom.

Thank you mom