30 Funniest Dorm Room Signs


I think we can all agree that the college campus is one of those places that is brimming with strong opinions, free speech and raging hormones. That’s what you get when you put a bunch of horny, self-entitled adolescents in one place and force them to get along with each other. And nowhere is the amusing struggle for civil cohabitation more evident than on dorm bulletin boards and dorm room signs. Check out these 30 funny dorm room signs where students have mastered the art of subtle insults and amusing threats.

1. Yep, this is not creepy at all.

Advanced Creepery Studies in Dying Alone


2. What kind of jerk steals underwear?

Advanced Creepery Underwear Burglary Studies

3. That’s cute.

Advanced Creepery Violating Boards

4. Wise words from Peter Griffin.

Advanced Dreaming Studies

5. Saving her boyfriend from prostate cancer.

Advanced Health Techniques 102

6. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

Advanced Hunting Mr. Miyagi Techniques

7. Nice try.

Advanced Wizardry

8. Labeling college style.

Basic Labeling

9. Shower pooper.

Being the Worst Person Alive 101

10. Mad Eye Moody sees you.

Creative Peepholery


11. Adding some pun into your life.

Creative Writing 203 Intro to Dad Jokes


12. Nice try, mister drug dealer.

Drug Dealer Wanted Sign


13. English 101 Q Before U.

English 101 Q Before U


14. Nasty lady.

Epidemiology Nasty Ladies


15. At least he’s honest.

Ethics 102 Taking Responsibility


16. The hunt for the poopertrator.

Ew That Means They Took Samples Don't Fck with Scientists


17. Urgency fail.

Fire Safety Training


18. Fundamentals of Logic 101.

Fundamentals of Logic 101

19. He makes a good point.

Home Economics Intro to Signmaking


20. What a champion.

How Far Can YOU Go

21. When your roommate is an arsonist.

I Always Hated It When Kids Would Randomly Light Stuff on Fire

22. Hope you get pregnant.

Intermediate Acting Techniques

23. Don’t mess with Little Bill.

Intro to Creative Writing Horror

24. Sh#t just got real.

Intro to Housekeeping

25. The Critic.

Intro to Passive Aggression

26. That’s not cool, Jeff.

Intro to Sticking It to Jeffrey

27. You gotta fight for your rights.

It's a Trap


28. The Stoners Watching Out for Stoners Foundation.

Lessons in Looking Out for Fellow Stoners

29. That’s so ’09, man.

Nautical Studies 101

30. Grammar Nazi.