30 Funniest Dorm Room Signs


I think we can all agree that the college campus is one of those places that is brimming with strong opinions, free speech and raging hormones. That’s what you get when you put a bunch of horny, self-entitled adolescents in one place and force them to get along with each other. And nowhere is the amusing struggle for civil cohabitation more evident than on dorm bulletin boards and dorm room signs. Check out these 30 funny dorm room signs where students have mastered the art of subtle insults and amusing threats.

1. Yep, this is not creepy at all.

Advanced Creepery Studies in Dying Alone


2. What kind of jerk steals underwear?

Advanced Creepery Underwear Burglary Studies

3. That’s cute.

Advanced Creepery Violating Boards