30 of The Funniest Instagram Rebuttals


If, like me, you also hate those vintage filtered photos featuring cryptic, quasi-deep quotes you always see on Instagram which are probably uploaded by a pretentious newly heart-broken hipster, then this post is for you. Today, we will make fun of those unbelievably cheesy quotes on top of unrelated backgrounds by adding some sarcastic rebuttals on it. So yeah, if you hipsters could stop making these corny Instagram quotes, that would be great. Here are 30 of the funniest Instagram rebuttals.

1. Barely breathing hipster.

Barely breathing

2. Benches don’t have feelings.

Benches don't have feelings

3. You can’t poke if you’re not logged in, miss.

Can't poke if you're not logged in, miss

4. What a strong dandelion.


5. I wish a lot of hipsters would just breathe in the ocean.


6. Emo Ferris Wheel.

Emo Ferris Wheel

7. Emo stalker.

Emo stalker

8. Careful what you wish for.

Everything huh

9. Herpes.


10. If you have no idea how to use a comma, you’re probably too young to have a relationship.

If you have no idea how to use a comma, you're probably too young to have a relationship


11. Maybe it’s a dictionary for emo hipsters.

Maybe it's a dictionary for emos


12. Sounds like you were drugged.

Maybe you were drugged

13. No matter how in love you are, talking in the middle of the frickin’ road is not only stupid but dangerous as well.

No matter how in love you are, never talk in the middle of the frickin' road

14. Poles and Time.

Poles and Time

15. Seriously, who writes quotes on their glasses?

Seriously, who writes quotes on eyeglasses

16. The sharks are waiting for you.

Sharks are there for you

17. So unique just like every other hipster.

So unique just like every hispster

18. Lung cancer.

Stop smoking if you want to live

19. Thank you, mint.

Thank you, mint

20. That’s some change.

That's some change

21. This is what happens when you play scrabble with a hipster.

The worst scrabbler

22. These trees are so emo.

These trees are so emo

23. Viagra.


24. We really need to know.

We really need to know

25. What’s the deal, train.

What's the deal, train

26. Where’s Alladin when you need him.

Where's Alladin when you need him

27. So who took the picture?

Who took the picture

28. Yep, that’s Patrick all right.

Yep, that's Patrick all right.

29. You’re gonna be late.

You're gonna be late

30. Zombies hate hipsters.

Zombies are after them