30 Funniest Movie Mash-up Posters


Like chocolate and peanut butter, pizza and beer, or Jennifer Lawrence and me, some things are just better together. Heck, even some movies are better when joined with another movie. Just take a look at these mash-ups below.

What makes these mash-up movie posters so awesome is that it completely changes the meaning of the movie, often in hilarious ways. A light-hearted rom-com becomes a gloriously morbid zombie movie (Date Night Of The Living Dead), and a coming of age teen drama might just get a little bit more violent than usual. ( The Breakfast Fight Club).

Check out these awesome collection of mash-up posters featuring some of your favorite movies mashed together in the most unexpected and hilarious ways. Enjoy!

1. About a Hellboy

About a Hellboy

2. At-Atouille


3. Breakfas Fight Club

Breakfas Fight Club

4. Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale

5. Cheaper by The Dirty Dozen

Cheaper by The dirty Dozen

6. Clash of The Titanic

Clash of The Titanic

7. Coach Forrest Gump

Coach Forrest Gump

8. Date Night Of The Living Dead

Date Night Of The Living Dead

9. Die Another Groundhog Day

Die Another Groundhog Day

10. Dirty Harry Potter

Dirty Harry Potter

11. Fast Toys at Ridgemont High

Fast Toys at Ridgemont High

12. Finding Screamo

Finding Screamo

13. Grumpy Old Fight Club

Grumpy Old Fight Club

14. Harold and Kumar Go To The Chocolate Factory

Harold and Kumar Go To The Chocolate Factory


15. Harry Poppins

Harry Poppins

16. I am McLovin’

I am McLovin'

17. I Know What You Did Last Samurai

I Know What You Did Last Samurai

18. I Robots

I Robots

19. Inglorious Wizerds

Inglorious Wizerds

20. Jaws Vs. The Little Mermaid

Jaws Vs The Little Mermaid


22. Land of The Lost in Translation

Land of The Lost in Translation

23. Meet Joe Dirt

Meet Joe Dirt

24. No Country For Superman

No Country For Superman

25. Ocean’s Expendables

Ocean's Expendables

26. Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

27. Predator vs. Mrs. Doubtfire

Predator vs. Mrs. Doubtfire

28. Rango Swan

Rango Swan

29. The Dark Nanny

The Dark Nanny


30. The Rise Of The Planet Of The Snapes

The Rise Of The Planet Of The Snapes