30 Of The Funniest And Wittiest Illustrations by Glenzz


Glenn Jones, or Glennz as he’s more popularly known, is an artist and illustrator extraordinaire from New Zealand. Glennz began his career as a designer of corporate identities and packaging. He found success at the online shop Threadless, where his perky and funny t-shirt designs were widely loved by both visitors and buyers. From Back To The Future to Angry Birds to RoboCop, Glennz takes pop culture icons and adds his own clever twist on them.

For your enjoyment, we’ve collected some of Glenzz’s funniest and wittiest illustrations from his portfolio. Check them out and try not to laugh.

1. Anger Management

Anger Management

2. Awkward


3. Bad Diet

Bad Diet

4. Bouncy Prison

Bouncy Prison


5. Charlie’s Backyard

Charlie's Backyard


6. Crash Simulator

Crash Simulator


7. Crime Scene

Crime Scene

8. Daily Fix

Daily Fix

9. El Hulko

El Hulko

10. Extreme Caution

Extreme Caution

11. Fingerburster


12. Haunted Humor

Haunted Humor

13. Hidden Identity

Hidden Identity

14. Layer Cake

Layer Cake

15. Murder Weapon

Murder Weapon

16. Pencil Bird

Pencil Bird

17. Pet Feeder

Pet Feeder

18. Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

19. Priorities


20. Safety Matches

Safety Matches

21. School Photos

School Photos

22. Simple Construction

Simple Construction

23. Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel

24. Spun Dry

Spun Dry

25. Stuck in the Past

Stuck in the Past

26. Stunt Cheese

Stunt Cheese

27. Swiss Army Hands

Swiss Army Hands

28. Talk to me Goose

Talk to me Goose

29. Too Many Donuts

Too Many Donuts

30. Wild Pinata

Wild Pinata