30 Funniest YouTube Comments Ever


We all turn to YouTube when it comes to videos. It’s a great resource for whatever kind of video you need. There are a lot of instructional videos about almost anything under the sun for those who want to learn. There are also videos that range from being inspirational, to hilarious, to the downright creepy for those who just want to kill some time.

What most people don’t know, however, is that the comments section of YouTube can be a great source of entertainment, too. Although there are still a lot of dumb people saying a lot of horse manure, a very hilarious or clever comment comes along every now and then. Check them out.

1. An epic battle in the bathroom.

An epic battle in the bathroom

2. Ariane Grande is in love.

Ariane Grande's in love

3. Bike in tree.

Bike in tree

4. Brock’s best line.

Brock's best line

5. Broken rubber.

Broken rubber

6. Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino

7. Gandolfini the white.

Gandolfini the white


8. Good observation.

Good observation

9. He’s kind of right.

He's kind of right

10. I agree, who the heck hates kittens?

I agree, who hates kittens

11. Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons

12. It’s not easy being green.

It's not easy being green

13. Jesus is not the only one rising.

Kate Upton can raise men from the dead

14. Something’s wrong with that horse.

Something's wrong with that horse.


15. A man that looks like science.

Looks like science


16. Mom’s gummy worm.

Mom's gummy worm


17. One song.

One song


18. Ouch.



19. Robin Thicke’s eyes.

Rbin Thicke's eyes.


20. Rocky’s speech.

Rocky's speech


21.  Stun sword.

Stun sword


22. The cutest talking mushroom.

The cutest taling mushroom


23. The expert.

The expert


24. The fashionista.

The fashionista


25. Too cute.

Too cute.


26. Two right hands.

Two right hands


27. Um, yes.

Um, yes.

28. Yep.


29. You can’t be this stupid, bro.

You can't be this stupid, bro.

30. You’re not alone, bro.

You're not alone, bro.