30 Funny Pictures To Prove Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep At A House Party


The weekend is coming, folks, which means it’s that time of the week again when it’s good to get together with friends and have a rockin’ party at someone’s house, drink some cocktails, and play some beer pong. Right?! Of course, but you should also remember the importance of drinking responsibly and not abusing alcohol, because if you don’t, you might just end up falling asleep on some random sofa and encouraging your “friends” to commit the worst pranks possible, with you as their unfortunate subject. Just to prove to you why you should be careful how much you drink this weekend, we have compiled together 30 hilarious pictures of unlucky people who drank too much and fell asleep at a house party. So, prepare your shot and enjoy… but whatever you do, don’t end up like these poor folks.

#1 The Powdery White Man


#2 Ready To Go Into The Oven