30 Funny Street Posters


Street posters are a great way to spread word around. They are very useful in letting everyone in town know that you are selling something, or found something valuable or even when you have lost your precious pet.

However, there is a new trend going on where people put posters around town purely for the purpose of getting some laughs out of people or just to generally troll everyone. Personally, I think more people should be posting funny posters like what you are about to see below. It’s really nice to see something funny put a smile on your face especially if you are having a bad day.

1. Sh#t just got real.

Angry man

2. Angry bike owner.

Angry man part 2

3. Um, that’s not really a cat, Paul.

Cat found

4. Art won’t save the world.

Dublin Contemporary 2011

5. Like in real life.


 6. Well, I hope I never see this guy.

Ninja missin

 7. My precious.

Frodo lost his ring

8. Cool cat.

Have you seen Miles

9. Oh, Lionel Richie.


10. Schrödinger’s cat.

Lost cat

11. Lost wormhole.

Lost wormhole

12. Jeff misses his pigeon.

Lovely pigeon has flown away

13. Mad Klaus.

Mad Klaus

14. Time traveller.

Man from the future

15. Maximus Decimus Meridius from Rome.

Maximus Decimus Meridius from Rome

16. I think George has them.

Missing droids

17. Missing unicorn.

Missing unicorn

 18. Missing ninja.

Ninja missin.

19. Ninja turtle missing.

Ninja turtle missing

 20. No, thanks.

Not sure about that

21. The guy has a point.

Pay attention

22. Pop music.

Popular music

23. Printer for sale.

Printer for sale

24. He’s trying to quit smoking..

Smoking cat

25. Bassoon thief.

Somebody stole a bassoon

26. Say bye to your parrot.

Sure this has nothing to do with that

27. Take life by the balls.

Take life by the balls


28. Tearable puns

Tearable puns

29. Evil genius needs minions.


30. Yes, please.