30 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters


What makes being an actor really interesting is creating characters that are so different from yourself. There are actually several super famous actors who are gay but are known for playing straight characters in movies and TV shows. Take Neil Patrick Harris, for example. This Emmy-winning über talented actor who also happens to be gay is most famous for playing Barney Stinson, a manipulative and over sexed womanizer.

In honor of those actors who have come out of the closet, we have compiled a list of famous gay actors who play straight characters. We are sure you will be pretty shocked by a couple of them. Enjoy!

1. Alan Cumming – Joe Therrian

Alan Cumming - Joe Therrian

2. Cynthia Nixon – Miranda Hobbes

Cynthia Nixon - Miranda Hobbes

3. David Hyde Pierce – Niles Crane

David Hyde Pierce - Niles Crane