30 Graphs Representing Life’s Painful Truths


The Danish combo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, collectively known as Wumo, puts life in perspective with these hilarious graphs illustrating life’s painful truths. Although snarky and sarcastic at times, it’s safe to say that everyone will agree that these graphs speak the truth.

Mikael Wulff acts as the writer while Anders Morgenthaler is the cartoon artist. The creative duo’s rise began when they won a comic strip competition in 2001. Their prize was a one-month run of their comic strip in the Danish national paper Politiken. The exposure gained them popularity and got them more publishers, blogs and newspapers throughout Germany and Scandinavia. More recently, they also became a regular cartoon strip in the New York Times.

1. Are men helpful?

Are Men Helpful

2. Bananas


3. Blueprint of Ikea

Blueprint of Ikea


4. Cat Ladies

Cat Ladies

5. Coffee Beverages

Coffee Beverages

6. Content of Women’s Magazines

Content of Women's Magazines

7. Enthusiasm at Concerts

Enthusiasm at Concerts

8. Errors and Typos in An Email

Errors and Typos inan Email

9. Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

10. How Facebook Invites Work

How Facebook Invites Work


11. How Long Can a Human Live Without…

How Long Can a human Live Without...


12. Most Dangerous Foods

Most Dangerous Foods


13. Online Dating

Online Dating


14. Opening Hours of Banks

Opening Hours of Bankds


15. Religious Extremism

Religious Extremism


16. Salary Index

Salary Index


17. Sandals That Look Good on Men

Sandals That Look Good on Men


18. Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors


19. Suburban Neighborhood

Suburban Neighborhood

20. The Biggest Lies On The Internet

The Biggest Lies On The Internet

21. The Evolution of Digital Media

The Evolution of Digital Media

22. The McDonald’s Curve

The McDonald's Curve

23. Things That Melt

Things That Melt

24. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

25. Contents of a Tuber OfToothpaste


26. Useful Applications on Facebook

Useful Applications on Facebook

27. Wasting Time

Wasting Time

28. Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

29. What Helicopters Do In Movies

What Helicopters Do In Movies

30. When You’re Going To The Movies

When You're Going To The Movies