30 Most Hilarious Bathroom Graffitis


Bathroom stalls are probably one of the filthiest places around. Good thing that they make up for it every once in a while by providing some hilarious graffiti which can provide some brief entertainment.

As one of the most favored places where people want to write their innermost, unfiltered thoughts with no expectation of any kind of judgement, bathroom stalls can be filled all kinds of graffiti, which can range from hateful to ignorant to the impossibly stupid. But sometimes a hilarious graffiti finds its way onto these bathroom stalls. Here a re some of them.

1. From political to perv in 2.5 seconds.

A Good Reason to Get Political

2. A toilet dispenser’s request.

A TP Dispenser's Plea

3. What an inspiring graffiti.


4. Looks like mom had one too many tonight.

All the Drunk Ladies

5. What a douche.

At Least They're Free


6. Confucius is one wise dude.

Confucius Say


7. So that’s why.

Deep Thoughts


8. I didn’t know they sell ice cream here.

Do They Serve Ice Cream Here


9. Never mess with a lady’s mirror.

Don't Mess With a Lady's Bathroom Time

10. This fashion police is serious.

Fashion Police

11. That hipster deserved it.

He Deserved It

12. Duct tape FTW.

It's a Crap!

13. Fat shaming is never cool, guys.

Know Your Target Audience

14. This guy likes to live dangerously.

Living On the Edge

15. I wonder what they were talking about.

Must Have Been An Interesting Conversation

16. The Lord has spoken.

New Revelations from the Bible

17. Noncommittal.


18. Satin is overrated.

Not My First Fabric Choice

19. Not sure if serious Or being sarcastic.

not sure if true or sarcastic

20. Journaling his day while waiting for his clean pants.

One Way to Kill Time

21. Literature expert.

PhD in Literature

22. Yes, ma’am.

Standard Issue Janitorial Equipment

23. That sounded a little threatening.

Super Powers!

24. The Terminator.

That'll Scare It Out of You

25. “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

The Perfect Man

26. Tough love.

Tough Love

27. Well wisher.

Well Wishes

28. WWJD.

What Jesus Does

29. Burn


30. Creepy Batman.