30 Most Hilarious Cheap Chinese Imitations


Have you ever tried coffee from Sunbucks? Or played Metal Gear on a Polystation? If your answer is no, then you’ve obviously never been to China, the undisputed champion of the world when it comes to counterfeiting just about anything.

Although home to some of the biggest companies of like Lenovo and Tencent, China has always been known as the number one manufacturer of cheap imitation brands that are blatant knock-offs of some of the world’s most famous brands like Nike, Sony’s Playstation and Apple.

Although we here at Bored Bug would never condone a shameless and shameful act such as counterfeiting, these photos of cheap Chinese imitations are just plain hilarious that not sharing them would be a crime to the rest of the world. Check them out below!

1. In China you can wear an iPhone on your feet.

1. China have invented an iPhone you can wear on your feet

2. Come on.

2. Don’t take the ‘Mike’ China, come on

3. At least it’s PlayStation compatible.

At least it’s PlayStation compatible