30 Most Hilarious Drunk Texts Ever


Is there anything funnier than receiving a drunken text from someone you know? Whether it’s your mom drunkenly texting you how glad she is that she didn’t abort you or just a cringe-worthy recap of hilariously embarrassing things you did in your drunken stupor, mixing alcohol and texting almost always yields hilarity.

I’m sure most of you will relate to many of these drunk texts. I mean, how many of us can honestly say that we’ve never drunkenly texted an ex or called a prom date an obese penguin while drunk out of our minds?

Check out these 30 drunk texts by people who should probably stay away from their phones the next time they decide to get drunk. Enjoy!

1. After work party.

After work party

2. Are you single, babe?

Are you single, babe

3. Farmville Sucks.

Farmville Sucks