30 Hilarious Movie Title Typos


It’s funny how one letter can change the whole meaning of a word or even a phrase … just like these funny series of drawings by illustrator Austin Light called “Movie Title Typos”.

After being inspired by a Reddit thread in which users changed the plots of famous movies just by changing one letter from the movie title, Austin Light took it upon himself to draw these reinterpreted movies. The results are nothing short of hilarious. Sit back and relax as we take you to a whole new cinematic experience with these hilarious movie title typos. Enjoy!

1. 30 (parody of 300)


2. Ad Max (parody of Mad Max)

Ad Max

3. Aging Bull (parody of Raging Bull)

Aging Bull

4. Alen (parody of Alien)


5. Beauty and the Beat (Parody of Beauty and The Beast)

Beauty and the Beat

6. Dive (parody of Drive)


7. Fight Cub (parody of Fight Club)

Fight Cub

8. Finding Emo (parody of Finding Nemo)

Finding Emo

9. Harry Otter (parody of Harry Potter)

Harry Otter

10. Jurrasic Par (parody of Jurrasic Park)


11. Lord of The Rigs (parody of Lord of The Rings)

Lord of The Rigs

12. Man on Fir (parody of Man on Fire)

Man on Fir

13. Men (parody of X-Men)


14. Mr. and Mrs. Sith (parody of Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Mr. and Mrs. Sith

15. Obocop (parody of Robocop)


16. Oh Bother, Where Art Thou (parody of Brother, Where Art Though)

Oh Bother, Where Art Thou

17. Pollo 13 (parody of Apollo 13)

Pollo 13


18. Pretty in Ink (parody of Pretty in Pink)

Pretty in Ink


19. Pup Fiction (parody of Pulp Fiction)

Pup Fiction


20. Raining Day (parody of Training Day)

Raining Day


21. Rave (parody of Brave)



22. Ron Man (parody of Iron Man)

Ron Man


23. Scram (parody of Scream)



24. Star Wars: A New Hoe (parody of Star Wars: A New Hope)

Star Wars A New Hoe


25. T (parody of ET)



26. Take 3 (parody of Taken 3)

Take 3


27. Twilight: New Moo (parody of Twilight: New Moon)

Teilight New Moo


28. The Fat and the Furious (parody of The Fast and The Furious)

The Fat and the Furious


29. The Princess and The Fro (parody of The Princess and The Frog)

The Princess and The Fro


30. Uno (parody of Juno)