30 Hilarious Photographs Featuring The Secret Lives of Superheroes


Photographer Edy Hardjo, AKA Hrjoe, has found a rather interesting way to make use of his superhero action figures. The Indonesian artist gives us a hilarious glimpse of what superheroes are actually up to when they are not busy saving the world.

According to Hrjoe’s series of photographs, superheroes are people too and they are no exceptions when it comes to doing crazy things like horsing around with friends, pissing against a wall and salivating over hot women.

Hrjoe achieves these funny photographs by careful lighting and meticulous composition. He first arranges the action figures in these awkward poses which can take up to several hours. He takes a photo, and with the use of Photoshop, he then removes all the action figures’ joints as well as the stands the action figures are propped on. The results are these hilarious photographs featuring the secret lives of superheroes.

1. Pull.

The Winter Soldier embarrassing the pants out of Falcon.


2. Ghost Rider’s toilet problems.

Looks like it’s not only Ghost Rider’s head that’s on flames.

Toilet problems

3. The Rookie.

Poor Spidey.