30 Extremely Bizarre Ways To Watch An Eclipse, Or Not…


Last week, the world stopped to see one of the most beautiful and rare phenomenons on this Earth – a full eclipse of the sun, which turned the day into night for a few minutes. The eclipse was only visible on the Northern Hemisphere, in the Northern Europe region, which includes countries like the UK and Ireland, among others. But, it’s not always so simple to actually see this awesome scientific event taking place. Firstly, because the weather doesn’t always help us – if it’s a cloudy day, there’s no chance of seeing it. Secondly, because our eyes cannot physically look at the sun for more than just a few seconds. Because of this, special precautions need to be taken in order to enjoy this amazing scientific event. The problem is that some people exaggerate with the protection just a little bit, and take this phenomenon to a whole new ‘dumb’ level. Here is a special selection showing you 30 hilariously bizarre ways to watch an eclipse (or not). Enjoy!

#1 The Big Mask


#2 Bizarre Photography Solution