30 Of The Most Hilariously Unfortunate Typos Ever


We all make the occasional typo at some point. No matter how many times you proofread and run spell check, one of those typos will eventually slip through. Most of the time these typos are harmless, if not funny. There are times, however, when a typo totally ruins the context of what was being said. Some typos makes things sound awkward while others are just horribly hilarious. We’ve compiled 30 of the most hilariously unfortunate typos ever that will surely make you feel a little better about yourself. Enjoy!

1. Proud mommy.

And when we all collectively wept for the future

2. This toilet is really picky about its occupants.

When a child who was only elderly and pregnant felt guilty for using this toilet

3. When an extra space makes you look like a prostitute.

When an escort told the world about her new hobby