30 Of The Most Hilariously Unfortunate Typos Ever


We all make the occasional typo at some point. No matter how many times you proofread and run spell check, one of those typos will eventually slip through. Most of the time these typos are harmless, if not funny. There are times, however, when a typo totally ruins the context of what was being said. Some typos makes things sound awkward while others are just horribly hilarious. We’ve compiled 30 of the most hilariously unfortunate typos ever that will surely make you feel a little better about yourself. Enjoy!

1. Proud mommy.

And when we all collectively wept for the future

2. This toilet is really picky about its occupants.

When a child who was only elderly and pregnant felt guilty for using this toilet

3. When an extra space makes you look like a prostitute.

When an escort told the world about her new hobby

4. Pedestrian hunting season is here again.

When ferocious pedestrians frightened even the most ambitious of hunters

5. I’m never eating hospital food again.

When hospital food took a turn for the creepy

6. Wow I’ve always wanted free auxiliary verbs.

When I could finally afford to write my essay about conditional tenses

7. Because quotes makes things “Better”.

When I wasn't sure if I'd just gone to church or joined a doomsday cult

8. The difference between then and than.

When Jenny's anger management took an interesting turn

9. So you’re saying only lightweight people are allowed to have sex on the copy machine?

When only lightweight people were allowed to have sex on the copy machine


10. No wonder North Americans are fat.

When our crazy diet trends went a bit too far

11. This changes everything, Rachael Ray.

When Rachael Ray was exposed for the monster that she truly is

12. Somebody’s sick of the latest footwear trends.

When somebody was a bit tired of the latest footwear trends

13. Text from a vampire.

When someone got a text from a vampire

14. My appetite is gone.

When someone revealed a bit too much about their sexual preferences

15. Spongebob has finally quit The Krusty Krab.

When Spongebob finally moved on from The Krusty Krab

16. The dirty truth about McDonald’s has finally been revealed.

When the dirty truth about McDonald's finally came out

17. A sick Coprophiliac.

When the doctor recommended using a spoon instead of a fork

18. The dress code for this school dance got way too strict.

When the dress code for this school dance got way too strict

19. This is what happens when you introduce Facebook to the witch from Hansel and Gretel.

When the witch from Hansel and Gretel got Facebook

20. No hands please.

When this bakery encouraged you to mark your territory

21.  No regrets. Except this tattoo.

When this guy maybe had one regert

22. Scarred for life.

When this guy's parents lived out my dreams


23. Unsung heroes.

When this hotel recognized the real heroes of our country

24. This shop is really serious about shoplifting.

When this store found a simple solution for overcrowded prisons

25. When this store started offering more than just furniture.

When this store started offering more than just furniture

26. Nelson Mandela‘s secrets.

When we learned some very enlightening facts about Nelson Mandela

27. When we were encouraged to be rebels.

When we were encouraged to be rebels

28. When you could have a very bad and very good day at the same time.

When you could have a very bad and very good day at the same time

29. Toad.

When you were warned to take the witch's parking policies VERY seriously

30. When your right to be a stupid butt was protected.

When your right to be a stupid butt was protected