30 Hipsters Who Are Trying Too Hard


No other group of people or subculture have been ridiculed as hard as the mainstream-hating hipster. In case you were wondering what a hipster is, they are those people with over-styled moustaches who drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and insist on using typewriters in coffee shops. They also adore vinyls and wear glasses despite their 20/20 vision.

While some hipsters look cool and stylish, there are those who take the hipster look too far, resulting to them looking very silly. To illustrate my point, here are some photos featuring these modern-day hipsters who are trying very hard to look like they are not trying at all.

1. I guess horses are too mainstream for this guy.

Maybe he doesn't have a driver's license

2. For hipsters, animals can be accessories.

The ones who carry animals as accessories

3. Nothing screams hipster like a beard.

And the ones with beards that scream ‘I am hipster. Hear me roar

4. Hipsters or Civil War soldiers?

Maybe they are just Amish

5. A guy writing poems on his typewriter. Hipster much?

Anything, huh

6. Are You kidding me?

Are You kidding me

7. “Fluoro jumpsuits makes people look really really cool,” said nobody ever.

fluoro jumpsuits

8. Hipsters love The Smiths.

Good one

9. You’re not a hipster unless you’ve worn a hamster as your earring.

hamster earrings

10. The hipster way to ask for an accident.

He's probably never fallen off of this thing

11. Hipster love.

Hipster love at its hipsteriest


12. Hipster jewelry.

Interactive jewelry


13. Hipsters love getting dressed in the dark, I guess.

leopard-print skinny jeans


14. Mini Hitler-looking hipster.

mini baby Hitler


15. Hipsters are too cool for modern telescopes.

Oh good, he brought his old fashioned eyeglass


16. Extreme Hipsterism.

Sailor Moon is so hipster


17. This is just ridiculous.

Sequins and selfies are so hot this season


18. Maybe he’s Amish. But that doesn’t explain the Mac.

Sideburns are fun and easy to maintain


19. Another hipster taking it way too far.

Sock suspenders are essential and totally worth the time they take to put on


20. Hipster Level: Grand Master.

Subway chic

21. Hipster DJs are here to “educate” the crowd, not entertain them.

The DJs who don’t care if anyone’s dancing. They’re here to “educate” the crowd, not entertain them

22. You know they’re hipster when they’re riding a really absurd bike…

The ones riding absurd bikes

23. …and park it outside an Apple Store.


24. Hipsters also love to take photos of anything.

The ones who insist on taking photos of everything

25. Especially their food.

Especially their food

26. They’ll even take photos of people taking photos of them.

They’ll even take photos of people taking photos of them

27. A hipster’s power resides in his ironic moustache.

The mustache is where a hipster's power resides


28. Hipsters love vinyl.

The ones with an overly ostentatious love of vinyl


29. Hipsters like to complicate simple things.

this way is so much more practical


30. See what I mean?

What a good idea