30 Hipsters Who Are Trying Too Hard


No other group of people or subculture have been ridiculed as hard as the mainstream-hating hipster. In case you were wondering what a hipster is, they are those people with over-styled moustaches who drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and insist on using typewriters in coffee shops. They also adore vinyls and wear glasses despite their 20/20 vision.

While some hipsters look cool and stylish, there are those who take the hipster look too far, resulting to them looking very silly. To illustrate my point, here are some photos featuring these modern-day hipsters who are trying very hard to look like they are not trying at all.

1. I guess horses are too mainstream for this guy.

Maybe he doesn't have a driver's license

2. For hipsters, animals can be accessories.

The ones who carry animals as accessories

3. Nothing screams hipster like a beard.

And the ones with beards that scream ‘I am hipster. Hear me roar