30 Horribly Hilarious Pictures of Men and Their Cats


Here to brighten your day are these amazingly weird men and their tastefully misguided portraits with their very annoyed cats. It honestly boggles my mind what makes one think to oneself, “I really want to pose naked with my cat and have our picture taken today,” but someone did and the results are nothing short of amazing.

I’m all for taking glamor shots with your cats, but I draw the line when pictures like the following come out. Check out these 30 horribly hilarious pictures of men and their cats. Enjoy!

1. “Don’t let my sexiness intimidate you, miss.”

Don't let my sexiness intimidate you, miss

2. Those kittens are cute.

aww they all look sad

3. A bodybuilder and his kitty.

Bodybuilder With Kitten