These 30 Ingenious Products Will Make your Life Better


In today’s world, convenience is everything. Our lives are busy enough as it is so why not simplify and streamline where you can?

We here at Bored Bug take convenience very seriously, and for us, it’s all about showing you what you need to make your life more awesome than you could have imagined.

You may not realize this, but you’re probably doing things around your house inefficiently. But don’t you worry, we are going to show you 30 ingenious products that will surely make your life better while making you look super cool.

1. Never forget your keys again with this magnetic light switch plate.

Always remember where you left your keys with this magnetic light switch plate

2. Avoid that annoying thumb strain with this helpful little tool.

Avid readers now have a solution for all that thumb strain

3. Getting late for work but want some fresh coffee? Now you can brew coffee on the go with this travel mug.

Brew coffee ON THE GO with this travel mug

4. Backpack hoodie for those rainy days or if you’re having a bad hair day.

Cover up your bad hair day with a built-in backpack hoodie

5. Cut down on plastic packaging and help save the environment with this reusable spray bottle.

Cut down on plastic packaging with a reusable spray bottle by a new eco-conscious brand called Replenish

6. Tired of your whisk stealing half of your cake batter? Then this whisk is for you.

Finally, a whisk that doesn’t steal half your cake batter

7. Floating origami candles.

Floating origami candles are self-contained and absolutely adorable

8. Now you can remove all that hair from your hairbrush without any hassle.

Get ALL the hair out of your hairbrush with one fell swoop of the hand

9. These Goggles Umbrellas make rainy days so much better.

If everyone owned a Goggles Umbrella, the city streets would be a much better place

10. Shelf or desk? Why not both?

Is this a shelf or a desk Turns out, it's both

11. Never misplace your measuring spoons again with these ultra cool magnetic measuring spoons.

Magnetic measuring spoons stick on your fridge so you'll never lose them

12. Too lazy to tie your Nike trainers? Introducing lace anchors!

Never tie your shoelaces again with lace anchors

13. These silicone covers keep your spices and vegetables fresh.

Not only do these silicone covers adorably hug your fruits and vegetables, but they keep them fresh and are infinitely reusable

14. This sloped soap dish preserves your soap.

Preserve your soap with this sloped soap dish

15. Removing these cool plugs is easy and will not ruin your outlets.

Removing these plugs with a helpful hook is easy and won't damage your outlets

16. Spoon plus chopsticks.

Spoon Plus Chopsticks, coming to a sushi restaurant near you (hopefully)

17. Staple-free staplers. Safe for kids.

Staple-free staplers are safe for kids and cool for adults

18. Tea light candle holders that do not burn your fingers.

Tea light candle holders that keeps you from burning your fingers

19. Kids can take these BoonGlo Nightlights anywhere they want.



20. The Puzzleboard. You can use this cool product as a wine-holding plate, a cutting board, or an interlocking serving piece.

The Puzzleboard can be a wine-holding plate, a cutting board, or an interlocking serving piece

21. Bike racks that don’t take up space even when they are not in use.

These beautiful bike racks don't take up space on the sidewalk when they're not in use

22. Keep your counter dry with these drying racks to avoid mold and bacteria.

These cute drying racks keep your counter dry, so mold and bacteria doesn't form

23. Cool and colorful dip dishes that do not take up extra space on your plate.

These dip dishes won't take up extra space on your plate

24. Make your books float on the wall with these clever bookshelf.

This clever bookshelf makes it look like your books are just floating on your wall

25. Fold up picnic tote.


26. Tired of getting your earphones tangled? Then this clip is for you.

This simple clip will stop your earbud cords from getting hopelessly tangled

27. A soap dispenser that keeps the germs from your fingers off the pump.

This soap dispenser keeps all your grody finger germs off the pump


28. This two-tier dish rack solves space problems for small kitchens.

This two-tier dish rack is an absolute necessity for small kitchens


29. This BNTO lid attachment turns any mason jar into a portal snack hub.

Turn any mason jar into a portable snack hub or lunch box with the BNTO lid attachment


30. These stretchy elastic bands turn any laptop or tab case into a storage powerhouse.

Turn your tablet or laptop case into a STORAGE POWERHOUSE with stretchy elastic bands that keep everything in place