30 Lazy People Who Could Be Geniuses


On one hand, these people are so lazy that if laziness were a sport, they’d probably get checked to see if they were using some kind of performance enhancing drug. On the other hand, it seems like laziness has brought out the genius in most of them. Now I know what Bill Gates meant when he said: ““I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

This post is about those people whose laziness have somehow sparked ingenious innovation and creativity. May I present, 30 lazy people who could be geniuses after all.

1. The misunderstood art of lazy lawn mowing.

art of lawnmowing

2. “Happy whatever, babe.”

genius bday cake

3. Why fly when you can just ride an eagle.

genius crow

4. Laziness can strike anytime.

genius use of early warning device

5. I think the dog is the one walking the owner.

genius way to walk dog

6. You know you’re lazy when you think holding the phone is too much work.

holding the phone is too much work

7. Laziness always finds a way.

laziness breeds genius

8. Laziness has reached critical level.

laziness has reached critical level

9. Laziness level 99

laziness level 99

10. The laziest cook.

lazy cook

11. Parenthood for the lazy.

lazy dad

12. Firefighting is such a relaxing job.

lazy fireman

13. Now that’s some Christmas spirit!

xmas spirit


14. Lazy or genius?

laziest way to bum


15. Lazy but impressive.

pretty impressive


16. When you’re too lazy to flick that ash off your cigarette.

when youre too lazy to flick your ash


17. How lazy people pick a christmas tree.

most genius xmas tree

18. Not a bad idea at all.

not actually a bad idea

19. Another use for the hoodie.

not bad

20. You call it laziness, I call it practical.

practical nail polish

21. Wow.


22. The soda chute.

soda chute


23. Because stairs are too mainstream.

stairs are too mainstream

24. Because he can’t be bothered to use his own hands.


25. Duct tape fixes everything.

tablet holder

26. Thinking outside of the box.

thinking outside of the box

27. Dog walking for the lazy.

too lazy to walk the dog

28. Genius in the making.

watching video like a boss


29. For those who feel that standing up is too much work.

when standing up is too much work


30. This guy is to laziness as Michael Jordan is to basketball.