30 Pictures of People Being Jerks


Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where no one is a meanie and people go out of their way to make sure your feelings aren’t hurt. Let’s face it, jerks are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. When they’re not trolling poor unsuspecting people online, they’re probably hogging some parking space in real life.

Although it’s a sad fact that there are laws that prevent us from administering a Mortal Kombat fatality move on these jerks, we can always make fun on them on the internet by showing people how much of a jerk they are. Check out these 30 pictures of people being jerks.

1. A jerk and his priorities.

A jerk's priorities

2. No parking space is safe from this a#$ole.

Asshole parking

3. Being a jerk just comes naturally to this guy.

Assholery comes naturally to him

4. Looks like dad is a professional troll.

Dad Troll

5. The dog is probably smarter than the jerk owner.

His dog is probably smarter than this asshole

6. Jim’s beloved cup.

Jim's beloved cup


7. Love letter to a jerk.

Love letter to a jerk


8. Making herself at home.

Making herself at home


9. Not sure if lazy or jerk or both.

Not sure if lazy or jerk or both


10. Oops is it still wet?

Ooops it still wet

11. People are jerks.

People are jerks

12. This is what happens if your owner is a jerk.

Poor cat

13. Roommate from hell.

Roommate from hell

14. A jerk being satisfied with his work.

satisfied wiht his work

15. Seriously?



16. Amazon package thief.

So that's why he needs the toilet paper


17. Serial star hole puncher.

Star hole puncher


18. Tall jerk.

Tall jerk


19. Another jerk showing us how big of a jerk he is.

Thanks a lot, jerk


20. Very mature, dad.

Thanks, Dad


21. The cutest spawns of Satan you will ever see.

The cutest spawns of Satan you will ever see

22. The jerkiness is strong in this one.

The jerkiness is strong in this one

23. The King of Jerks.

The King of Jerks

24. There’s a special place in hell for these kind of people.

There's a place in hell for these kind of people

25. This is actually kind of funny.

This is actually kind of funny

26. This jerk is too kind.

too kind

27. Troll artist.

Troll artist

28. Trust issues.

Trust issues

29. Spoiler Alert! Skip if you still want to read Of Mice and Men.

Warning this photo has a spoiler for Of Mice And Men


30. You’d have to be a special kind of jerk to pull this.

You'd have to be a special kind of jerk to do this