30 Pictures Which Prove Scotland Is A Really Strange Place


We have already showed you folks many articles showing odd and bizarre things that happen in Russia, but guess what? The Russians are no longer alone! Why? Because we’ve discovered yet another weird place on Earth in which a lot of crazy stuff takes place on a daily basis – Scotland. This small country, which is part of the United Kingdom (along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland) is well-known for the bagpipes, the strange tradition of men wearing kilts, and because of the movie ‘Braveheart’ starring Mel Gibson, of course. But now, you’ll see a brand new side to Scotland, and believe us, you’ll be pretty shocked by it! We love yoiu, Scotland, but these pictures are really weird. Enjoy, guys!

#1 William Wallace Headphones


#2 You Have A Surprise In Your Chimney, But It’s Not Santa