30 Playfully Heart-Warming Illustrations by “ILoveDoodle”


The following cute and adorable motivators that are about to brighten your day are made by Malaysia-based artist and illustrator Lim Heng Swee or “ilovedoodle” as he’s more popularly known. Living with the motto “Doodle a smile”, Lim Heng Swee takes everyday objects like toilet paper or a pair of pants and combine them with heartwarming and uplifting visual puns which will surely bring a smile to even the most grumpy face.

As the talented Malaysian artist puts it, “I would describe my work as simple and fun, but with a strong idea or message behind it. Life should be fun and humorous when possible and I hope that my illustrations generate a sense of joy and happiness.”

Here to warm your hearts and make you smile are 30 playfully heart-warming illustrations by Lim Heng Swee AKA “ilovedoodle”. Enjoy!

1. Batman believes.

Batman believes.

2. Be positive.

Be positive.


3. Beautiful inside.

Beautiful inside.

4. Drive me crazy.

Drice me crazy.

5. Enjoy the little things.

Enjoy the little things.

6. Happiness.


7. Heart-warming.

Heart warming.

8. Hugs.


9. I like seeing you smile.

I like seeing you smile.

10. Latte.


11. Lego.


12. Let’s go explore.

Let's go explore.

13. Life is about sharing.

Life is about sharing.

14. Life is short.

Life is short.

15. Love what you do.

Love what you do.

16. Life begins outside of your comfort zone.

Life begins outside of your comfort zone.


17. No hard feelings.

No hard feelings.

18. Not all who wander are lost.

Not all who wander are lost.

19. Not fair.

Not fair,

20. Peace of cake.

peace of cake

21. Size doesn’t matter.

Size doesn't matter,

22. Stick with you.

Stick with you.

23. The art of truth-telling.

The art of truth-telling.

24. Too possessive.

Too possessive.

25. Under control.

Under control.

26. Wish you were here.

rainbow swing

27. You are my sunshine.

You are my sunshine.

28. You can.

You can.


29. Woody Allen.

Woody Allen


30. Help!