30 Reasons Why Deadpool Rocks


Deadpool, everybody’s favorite disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary, has become a superstar in his own right. Originally appearing as a villain in an issue of New Mutants, Deadpool’s ridiculous antics, over-the-top personality and fourth-wall breaking banter has earned him a cult following over the years.

And now, with the announcement of his very own feature film starring Ryan Reynolds, we figured now’s a good time to take a good look at the super skilled and super unpredictable “Merc With a Mouth”, Deadpool. Here are 30 reasons why this regenerating degenerate rocks.

1. He once fought 10 dead Presidents and encouraged the readers to listen to Pantera while he fights them.

Deadpool once fought 10 dead Presidents. And he’s a fan of Pantera

2. He has a soft side.

Despite his psychotic and off the wall nature, he still has his higher moral moments.

3. He’s so likeable that even other superheroes give him gifts all the time.

He appreciates the things others give him

4. He always finds the funny side of things.

He can turn anything into a joke

5. His enemies can’t help but be impressed with him.

He even impresses his enemies

6. He has impressive healing powers.

He has a highly accelerated healing factor And loves chimichangas

7. He’s a ladies’ man.

He has an uncanny ability to defuse even the most tense situations. Even turning them to his favor

8. Even death is in love with this magnificent mercenary.

He has been in a relationship with Death Literally

9. He’s in a serious bromance with Spider-man.

He has one of the greatest bromances with Spider-Man

10. He’s hilarious.

He’s Just Plain Hilarious

11. He once killed the entire Marvel Universe.

He killed the entire Marvel Universe (And all the alternates). Then he killed you

12. He likes catchy show tunes.

He likes catchy show tunes

13. He makes references we all get.

He makes references we all get

14. He doesn’t take himself very seriously.

He never takes himself too seriously

15. He doesn’t show it often, but he’s actually a man with principles.

He stands up for what he believes in

16. He’s a master of one-liners.

He’s a connoisseur of snappy one liners

17. He’s a nerd.

He’s a nerd

18. Dance like nobody’s watching? This dance commander dances like nobody’s trying to kill him.

Look at those dance moves! LOOK AT THEM

19. He can give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money.

He’s a spot on private eye. Mostly

20. Always willing to help a friend.

He’s a stand up guy who is always willing to help out a friend

21. A tactical genius.

He’s a tactical genius

22. He’s an avid D&D player.

He’s an avid D&D player

23. He’s not one to get easily intimidated.

He’s not easily intimidated

24. He’s kind of omniscient which is kind of cool.

He’s omniscient in his own little ways

25. He’s not shallow.

He’s the universes most eligible bachelor Watch out ladies

26. He’s besties with Cable. Or at least he thinks he is.

Him and Cable are BEST buddies (At least, that’s what ‘Pool likes to think..)

27. We all love his cerebral humor.

His sense of humor is impeccable

28. He has an infectious sense of humor.

His sense of humor is infectious

29. All those references he makes.

movie nut

30. He’s really just a misunderstood gentle soul who finds the simple things in life the most enjoyable.

wants the simple things in life