25 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Hiding Her Belly Button


The internet has always been obsessed with Taylor Swift’s belly button. I guess everyone was wondering why someone as sexy as Taylor Swift would favor clothes that hide her belly button over ones that would flaunt her toned stomach. Even at the beach, the singer is known to wear high-rise bikinis that don’t show her tummy, which does nothing but intensify the mystery.

In a recent fan photo however, the singer is shown revealing her midriff which made the internet all sorts of crazy. A photoshop battle ensued afterwards, as is customary, which resulted in hilariously brilliant images. For your enjoyment, here are some photos which show the real reasons why America’s Sweetheart has been hiding her belly. Brace yourselves, people. Belly buttons are coming.

1. The original image.

First, the original image

2. The “ChestBurster” from Alien.


3. Hi, Becky.

Becky is her belly button stunt double