25 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Hiding Her Belly Button


The internet has always been obsessed with Taylor Swift’s belly button. I guess everyone was wondering why someone as sexy as Taylor Swift would favor clothes that hide her belly button over ones that would flaunt her toned stomach. Even at the beach, the singer is known to wear high-rise bikinis that don’t show her tummy, which does nothing but intensify the mystery.

In a recent fan photo however, the singer is shown revealing her midriff which made the internet all sorts of crazy. A photoshop battle ensued afterwards, as is customary, which resulted in hilariously brilliant images. For your enjoyment, here are some photos which show the real reasons why America’s Sweetheart has been hiding her belly. Brace yourselves, people. Belly buttons are coming.

1. The original image.

First, the original image

2. The “ChestBurster” from Alien.


3. Hi, Becky.

Becky is her belly button stunt double

4. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.


5. Frank Reynolds?

Danny Devito

6. Her fan looks a little freaked out.

Fan face

7. Taylor Swift with her guitar.

Her music  than her belly button, and we should all just leave it alone

8. Her belly button is actually a black hole.

Her navel is the master of the universe

9. It’s also her back up singer.

It is her most faithful back up singer

10. Her belly button is her number one fan.

It is secretly her number one fan

11. Nice tattoo.

Nice tattoo

12. This changes everything, Taylor Swift.


13. Real-life old derpette.

Old derpette

14. Patrick’s shocked too.


15. “Put some clothes on, young lady!”

Put some clothes on young lady


16. Looking good, Nicolas Cage.

She and Nicolas Cage own timeshares on the same belly button


17. She’s ripped.

She has a second pair of abs under her abs


18. Human slinky.

She is a human slinky


19. Avataylor Swift.

She is secretly an alien from a James Cameron movie


20. That’s where she keeps her pet Orangutans.

She is smuggling orangutans on her world tour


21. Sister Act.

Sister Act


22. OMG Kuato?

Total recall


23. What are you doing there, George Clooney?

What are you doing htere George Clooney.


24. Maybe this is why she’s single.



25. Or maybe that’s where she keeps her boyfriends.

Who's that