30 Most Redneck Weddings Ever


Are you tired of those boring traditional weddings with the usual boring attires? Would you rather wear a sleeveless camo jacket on one of the most important events of your life rather than a respectable tuxedo? I’m sure you’d rather get drunk on bud light too than those fancy cocktails, right? Then a redneck wedding is the thing just for you!

It turns out rednecks’ ingenuity isn’t limited to mobile homes, guns and ATVs. The following photos are what happens when rednecks decide to get these usual boring weddings to the next level and go full redneck. Enjoy!

1. Nice wedding cake.

A Beautiful Cake That Celebrates the Couple's Interests

2. There’s nothing like a couple’s first mud wrestling.

A Sweet Milestone the Couple's First Mud Wrestle

3. Redneck love.

A Wedding Outfit Fit for a Princess