30 Most Redneck Weddings Ever


Are you tired of those boring traditional weddings with the usual boring attires? Would you rather wear a sleeveless camo jacket on one of the most important events of your life rather than a respectable tuxedo? I’m sure you’d rather get drunk on bud light too than those fancy cocktails, right? Then a redneck wedding is the thing just for you!

It turns out rednecks’ ingenuity isn’t limited to mobile homes, guns and ATVs. The following photos are what happens when rednecks decide to get these usual boring weddings to the next level and go full redneck. Enjoy!

1. Nice wedding cake.

A Beautiful Cake That Celebrates the Couple's Interests

2. There’s nothing like a couple’s first mud wrestling.

A Sweet Milestone the Couple's First Mud Wrestle

3. Redneck love.

A Wedding Outfit Fit for a Princess

4. Already banging at the wedding.

Already banging at the wedding

5. Welcome the wedding/gun show.

Can't Tame These Guns

6. Because shoes are for the city folk.

Dancing in Heels (or Wearing Shoes at All) Is for City Folk

7. God help this man tonight.

Definitive Proof That There Really Is Someone for Everyone

8. Good thinking on dressing that baby in camo. Now nobody will be able to find her in case she gets lost.

Don't Let Go or You Won't Be Able to Find Her

9. Who’s the lucky guy?

FYI A Gun Isn't Actually Required for a Shotgun Wedding

10. Seriously, who brings a gun to a wedding?

Grandpa Brought a Double Barrel to Ward Off the Groom's Cold Feet

11. We can’t see you.

Has Anyone Seen the Wedding Party

12. Real love.

His Teeth Though

13. The redneck is strong in this family.

Luckily, the Groomsman Can Easily Wear These Outfits to Parties Later on

14. Redneck wedding band.

Make Sure Ya'll Get Some Quality Fiddler's for the First Dance

15. Stay classy, guys.

Make Sure You Leave Your Ring Hand Free for the Ceremony

16. That orange mohawk though.

n Orange Mohawk Goes Perfectly with His Sleeveless Camo Suit


17. You might be a redneck if you have camo wedding rings.

Nothing Says I Love You Like His and Hers Camo Rings

18. Flower girls.

Now That's What We Call Flower Girls

19. Fancy moonshine mugs.

Only Use the Fancy Moonshine Mugs for Very Special Occassions

20. Talk about getting dumped on your wedding day.

Quite Possibly the Only Bride Ever Thrilled to Be Dumped on Her Wedding Day

21. Elvis wedding minister.

Select Your Pastor with Care, You Only Get Married 3 or 4 Times

22. Please be sterile.

Sleeves Definitely Not Required on the Most Important Day of Your Life

23. The redneck is strong in this one.

Surprisingly NOT the First Time She Had to Do This

24. The bride freshening up.

The Bride Freshens up Before the Reception

25. The bride smoking by her wedding carriage.

The Bride Takes an Elegant Smoke Break on Her Modern Day Carriage

26. Cool cake.

The Chicest His and Hers Wedding Cakes

27. Good luck, John.

Who Needs Wedding Announcements When You Have This Father-in-Law

28.  It doesn’t get any more redneck than this.

You May Now Kiss the Bride  if You Can Find Her

29. Redneck power couple.

Please be sterile

30. Welcome to the south, everyone.

A most spectacular redneck wedding