30 of The Most Ridiculous Ghetto Glamor Shots Ever


It’s so amazing how some people are so incapable of self-awareness, that they think that a photo of them in trashy, silly and over-the-top poses paired with ridiculous and ultra corny quotes would look really cool. What’s even more amazing is that they actually think that everyone would share their love for these super cringe-worthy photos of themselves. Don’t they know that there are people out there who enjoy posting their bad glamor shots online for the whole world to see, thus forever immortalizing their stupidity in the process? If I weren’t one of those people, I’d feel really bad for them. But as it happens, I’m one of those people. So in the spirit of me being one of those people, here are some of the most ridiculous ghetto glamor shots you will see online. I hope you’ll laugh as hard as I did.

1. Careful, she’s bad.

Damn She Bad

2. Makin’ it rain like a gangsta.

Makin' It Rain

3. I wonder what’s the secret behind her misguided confidence.


4. So colorful.

So Colorful

5. He’s solid gold, girls.

Solid Gold

6. This make me cringe no matter what.

No Matter What

7. “Hi there.”

That Border Tho

8. He just paid his swag bill.

Just Paid My Swag Bill

9. I don’t know what this guy’s point is, but he sure comes across as a retard expressing it.

I Am Dad

10. Golden haired girls.

Bling Bling

11. You know your girl is ghetto when she has a helicopter weave.

The Helicopter Weave

12. She sure does.

Sex Appeal, I Got That

13. Everytime.

Say Cheese

14. Pajamas are so sexy said no girl ever.

Pajama Pants

15. Nope.


16. Photoshop genius.

Photoshop Genius

17. “Make it look like Jesus holding half of my face.”

Make It Look Like Jesus Is Holding Half My Face


18. Something tells me these people will make bad parents.

Four Loko

19. Cause nothing screams sexy like a crime scene.

Glamorous Crimescene

20. Yep, this is not weird at all.

Going HAM

21. Those brows though.


22. Rihanna, huh.



23. Fattest a## in heaven.

Turnin Up With Da Lord

24. We at it again.

We At It Again


25. You my tuxsido and am ya bow tie.

You My Tuxsido

26. Creepy family.

The Whole Family Is Here creepy


27. “Me and bae.”


28. “And he shall be named, ‘Basketball‘.”



29. My Queen.


30. She’s a tiger.