30 Ridiculously Funny Ironic Situations


Ironic situations are something that all of us experience in life. Some are annoying while some can get really frustrating. There are some ironic situations however that are pretty amusing and entertaining, at least to the spectator. What you’re about to see are some people who have failed spectacularly that they almost won.

Check out these incredible and ridiculous examples of how life can be ironic sometimes. Most of them are pretty comical while others are relatably frustrating that you just want to give the person involved an internet hug. Get ready to chuckle! Enjoy!

1. Accepting Resumes

Accepting Resumes

2. American Freedom, Made in China

American Freedom, Made in China

3. Anti-Chewing Spray

Anti-Chewing Spray

4. Anti-Chewing Spray

Anti-Chewing Spray2

5. Apparently not.

Apparently not.

6. At least they are living up to their brand name.

At least they are living up to their brand name.

7. Canadian Cake, American Flag.

Canadian Cake, American Flag

8. Certificate of Dog Obedience Training

Certificate of Dog Obedience Training

9. Freedom


10. Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue

11. He didn’t see that one coming.

He didn't see that one coming.

12. Healthy Hands START HERE.

Healthy Hands START HERE

13. Hey, some people think Neons cars are very interesting.

Hey, some people think Neons are very interesting.

14. His is simply perfect.

his is simply perfect.

15. I can feel it.

I can feel it.

16. I wouldn’t trust them.

I wouldn't trust them.

17. Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone

18. Non-stick Fry Pan

Non-stick Fry Pan

19. Now the humans know how it feels.

Now the humans know how it feels.

20. Or not.

Or not.

21. OUR GOAL: No Accidents

OUR GOAL, No Accidents

22. Overcoming insomnia and sleep problems.

Overcoming insomnia and sleep problems

23. I see what he did there.

See what he did there

24. Stop Struggling

Stop Struggling

25. Stops Rust

Stops Rust

26. Teeth Are Not For Biting

Teeth Are Not For Biting

27. The only one he couldn’t help was himself.

The only one he couldn't help was himself.

28. They really should have seen this one coming.

They really should have seen this one coming.

29. Think Safety First

Think Safety First

30. Oh, TNT.