30 of the Most Romantic Stories Ever Told


Love: it’s mysterious, complicated, highly sought-after, and finding it is perhaps one of the greatest joys and achievements in life. While gossip is plagued by stories of love gone wrong, it doesn’t always go south! In fact, real-life love stories can sometimes turn out just like the movies. To prove it to you, we’ve found 30 of the most romantic stories. You won’t need Cupid to believe in true love after this!

Singing Stars

This love story started with a faraway admirer… literally far away, because he saw her from across the country in her hilarious YouTube videos! Colleen Ballinger, the YouTuber behind the popular character called Miranda Sings, was one day messaged on Facebook by Joshua, who had seen her YouTube videos. Although she was kind of concerned that he was a crazy murderous stalker with a chainsaw, their online relationship blossomed and they talked non-stop for weeks. Five weeks later, the couple finally met in person and decided to film a video. This was far from a normal video however, as they said this same video would be shown at their wedding reception. Soon enough, years later in 2015, the awkward video from their first in-person encounter was shared with their closest family and friends. Colleen and Josh are now happily married and both work as YouTubers.


Auctioning for Love

Abigail had the tendency to return to her old relationships – perhaps something had changed and they could still work out. However, her sisters and brother-in-law weren’t convinced, and one day persuaded her to let them buy her a date at the charity bachelor auction. Not optimistic, Abigail reluctantly agreed. During the action, her competitive and slightly tipsy sister out-bid the other ladies for a civil engineer fellow whom Abigail admittedly thought was pretty cute. After the bidding was over, Abigail explained that she was coerced into the whole situation by her sisters and said Dwayne didn’t have to take her out – but he insisted. After several dates, they bonded over a shared love for children, with Dwayne coaching little league and Abigail being adored by her young nieces, and are now a married couple with a soft spot for supporting charities. Read a transcript of their interview here.


Lab Love

Despite having spent their youth in the same elementary school, high school, and university, Renata and Wadih never met. That is, until Wadih, who was studying cancer biology at Stanford University, contacted his college adviser to enquire about obtaining some chemicals for an experiment. His adviser didn’t have any answers, but he did have another advisee who was working with similar chemicals at Harvard. Wadih called her up and they began communicating by e-mail. The emails started off with only professional matters, but soon turned into discussions about philosophical topics. Months later, Wadih invited Renata to speak about her research to his coworkers at the lab, and from the moment he saw her, he knew something had changed. The day after the lecture, Wadih took Renata to dinner at a classy restaurant, but the occasion was spoiled by his constant thoughts about never being able to see her again. So, he impulsively said, “I think we should get married.” Renata, who wasn’t known to be impulsive, shared Wadih’s feelings – and she said yes. Without consuming any alcohol or even kissing yet, the couple was engaged, and married at the first opportunity they had two months later. Years later, the couple was still separated by their work commitments and research. However, in 1999, they were offered the opportunity to lead their own research lab in Houston. This was the just the opportunity they needed to make their love more perfect than it already was. The couple now spends almost all of their time together, working side-by-side both in the lab and in life.



Toad-ally in Love

Tangie and Brian first met when… he threw a toad on her lap. It’s hard to blame him since he was still 12 years old, but this was a love story that didn’t truly start until their teens. As children, Brian would call Tangie “Tangerine” and make fun of her clothes. Sometimes snowballs even made an appearance in their childhood rivalry. Then, they grew up (sort of). Four years later, and Tangerine was not longer a kid and Brian wasn’t so childish anymore either. Brian’s family moved into the house across the street and they actually became friends, calling each other late at night, playing basketball and video games, and laughing at TV shows together. Then in junior year, Brian started dating Tangie’s friend and they grew farther and farther apart. Tangie grew hateful of the way Brian and her friend had begun ignoring her and made it her mission to break them up. Finally, she realized that she had had feelings for Brian and confessed one day after he drove her home from school. He apparently felt the same way, as they shared their first kiss in driveway, sitting in his Pontiac Grand Am. Years later, they happily enjoying their marriage and still have fun with each other just like they did as teens.

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Rescue Romance

Their story started off when Susan “came into the topless bar that [Philip was] bouncing. She was there for a small competition. As a single mother of two, she needed the money. Philip, noticing that she seemed out of place, said that he’d keep an eye on her. Their relationship started when Philip said “I’ll take you rattlesnake hunting!” She thought he was pretty crazy, but the idea was intriguing. They began seeing each other and soon enough, Susan told Philip about her interest in science. So he said, “Why don’t you go back to school?” Neither of them had finished high school, but they contacted a local college and were accepted to pursue biology degrees on probation. Philip had tried to pass grade 10 three times and frequently thought he couldn’t get through it, but with Susan’s support and consistent encouragement, both achieved their degree. Susan is now a field biologist and credits their romance as a “rescue romance” that saved them both.


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True Twin Love

When they first met decades ago, Hunny and her twin sister, Bunny, couldn’t tell Elliot and his twin brother apart, and neither could they! However, by the end of their summer romance, Hunny and Elliot couldn’t be separated, and neither could their twins, who had also become a couple. The two pairs shared a wedding, complete with identical dresses and only one set of parents for the four. Hunny and Elliot are still very much in love and Hunny says she loves him because even after all of these years, he’s still genuine and hasn’t got “a phony bone in [his] body.”



Marshall’s Marriage

One day Carolyn received a strange text from an unknown known. The sender of the text said that this was very unusual for him to do, but he was given Carolyn’s number by her mother. After freaking out and calling her mother to demand answers, Carolyn found out that her mother had gone to Marshall’s earlier that day and noticed a very attractive young man. Hoping he’d be as wonderful as he seemed, she approached him in the parking lot and spent 20 minutes telling him about her wonderful daughter before giving him Carolyn’s number. Carolyn and the mystery man, Joey Burney, texted throughout the day. The motherly matchmaker definitely made a good call, as the pair met up for dinner that same day and hit it off. Not even two months later, Joey popped the question to his new-found true love, and the couple is scheduled to be married in September! Thank God for persuasive mothers!

“Exactly one year ago today, I got a text message from an unknown number. I was mortified and called my mom immediately to find out what she was up to. She admitted that she was at Marshalls when she “saw herself a very attractive young man.” She decided to play matchmaker and approach him in the parking lot. She ranted and raved about me for twenty minutes; showing him pictures of me and telling him how funny and great I am. Then she gave him my number and sped off in her Honda. That’s when I received a text message from Joey Burney. We texted back and forth all day and then met for a date that same evening. Long story short, we hit it off and a month and a half later, we were engaged. We’re getting married in September. P.s. thanks mom!”

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Presidential Passion

Jonathan one day found himself at a convention for college student leaders, but left with something far greater than a new sense of purpose and a larger network. Both were presidents of their college student associations and just prior to the conference, his friend showed him a picture of a stunning girl who would be there and he was immediately entranced. Jonathan spent the rest of the conference trying to hunt down the beautiful girl from the photo, and when he found her, sparks flew. Although they had to go their separate ways after university, with her returning to Canada and him remaining in the US, that conference was the start of a beautiful relationship.


A Techy True Love

Breaking your phone is almost never seen as a good thing, but even breaking a pricey Apple phone won’t be a regret for this couple. Sharony had broken her phone and walked into the Apple store one day to have it fixed. No one would have expected that her true love would be the genius behind the counter to fix it for her. Nahum, who worked at the Genius Bar, emailed her a few days later, but not about her phone. He actually asked if he could take her out on a date. That was the beginning of Sharony and Nahum’s story, but definitely not the end. The couple will be married in 2015 – congratulations to them!

Sharing More Than Love

When you’re trying to get into med school, you have enough problems – finding your true love usually isn’t one of them. That wasn’t the case for one girl, who was finishing her undergrad, studying for the MCATs, and working as an intern in the ER all at the same time. Life was all about hustling to get that prized graduate school spot and ambition and hard work were what mattered – until she met a quirky guy working in the ER. Their first conversation started off with him laughing at his own joke – which was so weird that she laughed at him laughing. Eventually, they followed up with a first date doing polka dancing, and now they’re both studying together in med school.

Reaching a goal is just an endpoint if you don’t have someone to share it with. Ambition and determination are important but they don’t make you laugh, they don’t hold you when you cry, and they can’t bring you joy like someone you love.

“I was busting my butt to get into medical school. At the same time, I was also working as a medical scribe in the ER, studying for the MCAT, and finishing undergrad. I was ambitiously focusing on my goals and thought achieving them was all that mattered. He had just been hired in the ER. The first conversation we had he laughed at his own joke, which was so ridiculous that it made me laugh. He took me polka dancing on our first date. Three years later, we’re both in medical school and still together. I’ve realized that reaching a goal is just an endpoint if you don’t have someone to share it with. Ambition and determination are important but they don’t make you laugh, they don’t hold you when you cry, and they can’t bring you joy like someone you love.”

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X Marks the Spot

You don’t usually expect to find love at a conference. This was certainly the case for Lauren, who was already 35, and wasn’t expecting to have a lifelong partner, when she bumped into an old friend at a conference. She (a bit rudely) ignored her friend’s companion during the entire conversation, but the disinterest definitely wasn’t mutual. As soon as she walked away, Stuart, the one who had been ignored, immediately said, “ I have to meet her.” He quickly found out where to find her at public social gatherings and once they started talking, there was an undeniable and virtually magnetic connection between the two.

Of course, love stories aren’t interesting unless there are some bumps along the way and theirs happened to be the distance between them. Lauren lived in Richmond while Stuart lived in Salt Lake City, so they started a long-distance relationship. Somewhere along the way, one of them thought it would be fun to leave notes for each other to find in the airport when they visited each other, whether it was a poem or a note of appreciation, so they began hiding notes under random seats for the partner to locate with a map, where X marked the spot.

A few months into the relationship, Lauren wanted to write a note but could think of nothing other than “Will you marry me?” So, she wrote it, but left the map to give Stuart when she was ready. This turned out to be a few months later, when Stuart was rushing through the airport trying to catch his next flight after a late arrival. As he ran to the next gate, he remembered the note Lauren had given. Should he risk missing his flight? But he had to find the note, so he ran to the seat marked on the X, where a man dressed in an expensive suit was sitting. Making up a story about dropping his pen their earlier, Stuart grabbed the note and ran off to barely get through the gate before it closed. Later, in Richmond, Lauren nervously wondered if he had found the note as she waited for him to step through the gates. However, as soon as she saw him, she could tell the answer. When he got to her, they hugged and joyfully exclaimed, “Yes!”



I’ll Prove You Wrong!

Perhaps not all parents are so bold, but many a parent has tried to set up their kids, usually to a very displeased response from the daughter or son. Alexandra definitely wasn’t happy when she found out her mom tried to trick her into a set-up. Her mother had recently rented out a new house and had learned that her landlord also had a single 20-something kid. Of course, they decided that the two were definitely perfect for each other – a set-up was in order. Alexandra’s mother promptly invited the son, Steven, to dinner, but when Alexandra found out, she said, “Disinvite him! You’re not setting me up!” It wasn’t exactly the same response for Steven, who had seen photos of the lady’s cute daughter and was disappointed at the dinner cancellation. However, the parents were very sneaky and cleverly concocted a plan to have the two meet. Steven’s dad told him that he needed help moving stuff out of the house he was renting to Alexandra’s mom and was helping take stuff apart when Alexandra and her mother pulled up in their car. Like you’d expect from convincing mothers, Steven was persuaded to help Alexandra’s mother move in as well, and so they spent a long week together setting things up at the house. To get him to leave, Alexandra had her ex-boyfriend come over to help instead. When he showed up, she told Steven, “My mother doesn’t need your help anymore, because my boyfriend’s going to be here.” However, her brother wanted to see things work out between them and convinced him to stay. He told Alexandra, “I think you’re perfect for each other, and I don’t think you’re going to give him a chance.” She had to prove him wrong and giving Steven a chance was perhaps the best decision of her life. Things moved quickly and by the end of the week, the two were dating. Half a year later, and they had moved in together and they’re now happily married. So, ladies and gentlemen, give people a chance; you never know where your true love will come from.

A Shoulder To Cry On

Sometimes love can end in disaster. Life certainly felt like a disaster when Darby, 36 and close to having her second child at the time, found out her husband was killed in a plane crash over Nova Scotia. Years later, with the love of her life gone forever, Darby couldn’t seem to make real connections in dating. It simply wasn’t working out for her and it was difficult to find somebody who would respect the legacy left by her late husband, which she felt was necessary for her two sons. Almost a decade after her husband’s death, Darby got called up by her sister, who was a high school teacher at the school they used to attend. It turned out that the son of Darby’s high school sweetheart, Dave, was one of the students there and he had just lost his wife to pancreatic cancer. She suggested reaching out to him for support since they shared the experience of losing someone so close and dear to them. A few weeks later, Darby sent Dave a note offering support if he needed it and she received a response immediately. He was surprised and touched at her kindness and Darby began helping him through the devastation losing his wife through email and eventually phone calls. Three months after they had gotten in touch again, Darby and her sons were in town during Christmas to see family and stopped by Dave’s house for dinner with him and his sons. Their children got along very well, and the two families met up once again the following summer. They had been only friends before, but this time, their relationship turned into one of romance when they finally kissed one evening by the fire. Before Darby met Dave years after they once dated, she would have scoffed at the thought of marrying her high school sweetheart, but this crazy and surprising story is a true and beautiful one.



Michelle and Julio

As a 17-year-old, Michelle loved to learn, but her family couldn’t afford to send her to college. Instead, she rode her bicycle everyday to the local library, where, hair wrapped in a pink bandana, she immersed herself in books of all kinds. She sat under the window dreaming of being a writer and gradually improving her writing and expanding her vocabulary. Books weren’t the only things she noticed at the library though. There was often a green-eyed, blue-haired boy who snuck glances at her through the bookshelves. He was there volunteering for a story-hour group and frequently hung around to read. Each day, they would end up reading in the same spots but never spoke. One day, she didn’t show up and afterwards, never saw the green-eyed boy again. Although she was confused by this, she continued reading at the library until she got a job at an appliance store and eventually married one of her coworkers there. By the time she had given birth to a child, things weren’t going so well in her marriage and she and her husband split before their child was even a year old. Despite the tough circumstances, she needed to take care of her family and sought out jobs at local grocery stores, hoping that the cake-decorating classes she had taken during her marriage would be sufficient. It turned out that they were after she successfully decorated a cake at an interview. When she began working, Michelle met Julio, another cake decorator, and the two became good friends. They realized that they both seemed familiar to each other, but couldn’t figure out why. They attended the same high school, but they didn’t have the same friends and didn’t have any similar clubs. It wasn’t adding up – until one day, Michelle showed him an old picture of her teenage self. It suddenly made sense when Julio said, “You’re the girl on the pink bike with the pink kerchief in her hair.” Michelle realized that he was the boy with the green eyes. It was unbelievable. Julio used to hang around the library wanting to see her but had never been brave enough to speak to her. Their realization helped their budding relationship move along and they’re now married and frequently bring their children to the local library to read!



Ladder of Love

As an innocent 6-year-old decades ago in a village in China, Liu had little understanding of what it meant to love, but the elders in the village certainly wanted to prepare for the day that he would wed. One day, a marriage procession was entering Liu’s village. The wealthiest man in town was getting married and his bride was being carried in. The elders all believed that it was good luck to have a bride touch the inside of children’s mouths, so Liu went up to the bride in the procession. Apparently, this was like a child going to the dentist, because Liu nervously bit the 16-year-old bride’s finger. The curtain on the bride’s palanquin was suddenly lifted and Liu looked up to see the beautiful young bride glaring at him slightly angrily. A bystander shouted out, “Little rascal, when you grow up, you should find a pretty girl like this!” He seemed to have the same ideas, for when others in the village asked him what kind of girl he wanted to marry, he said that he wanted someone like the young bride.

He may have spoken too soon, for just 10 years later, the young bride’s name was Xu and her wealthy husband died of meningitis, leaving her with no home and no husband to provide for her and her four children. Most would be forced to beg on the streets, but Xu was stubborn and figured out how to survive in the wild by eating wild mushrooms and selling grass sandals. However, this was a dangerous life, and without Xu, the children would surely die. If some kind of misfortune fell upon them, they could be doomed – and their luck was tested one day when Xu slipped on the river bank, causing her and her youngest child she was carrying on her back, to fall into the river. All that one can hope for in a situation like this is the help of a courageous stranger – and one happened to be just nearby. Liu was still living just nearby. He knew of the family’s misfortune but had no way to help without bringing shame or disrespect to Xu, despite wanting to help. This was finally his opportunity, so he jumped into the river to save Xu. After that day, Xu continued to help them with all of the difficult tasks. Over three years, they became close, but this made them the topic of many villagers’ gossip. One day, Xu couldn’t stand the pressure and shame from the villagers and her in-laws and told Liu to stop visiting. That same evening, Liu proposed, and they disappeared from the village.

Liu and Xu retreated to the nearby mountain, living at the very top in a straw hut. There they adamantly continued to live and provide for themselves, but sometimes traveled down to the village for certain goods. However, the journey down the mountain was a treacherous one. Liu became concerned for his wife’s safety travelling down this rocky hillside and decided to hand-carve a stairway down the mountain. Day after day, he worked on the painstakingly tedious task, but 57 years and 6,000 steps later, Liu had carved a staircase from the village below to their lovers’ heaven in the mountains.

Since their disappearance from the village, the couple has spent every night together – and they even lie there for eternity now, where the two have been buried after death. Although they may be gone, the beloved stairway carved by Liu remains and it is now known by the country as the “Ladder of Love.”



Dentistry Date

It’s yet another mom set-up gone right! One day a young man named Dan was sitting on the uncomfortable reclining chair, staring into the bright dentist’s chair light above. The dental assistant had just finished cementing a new bridge for him and commented, “Your girlfriend’s going to love your new teeth.” He laughed, “I’m between girlfriends right now.” Of course, this is the opportune moment for a mother of single daughters to pass on some numbers. She immediately said, “Don’t go anywhere. I have two daughters, Kathy and Vicky. Let me get their pictures from my wallet.” Of course, sitting in the dental chair with a bib still on, Dan had no inclination to rush out. She quickly returned and showed him several photos of her daughters and a phone number to pass on. Fast forward decades and Kathy and Dan have been married for 39 years!

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Cruise Ship Love

A cruise is relaxing, fun… and for some, an opportunity to find your true love! Denise became Rick’s first love when they met aboard a cruise ship. Unfortunately, the 90 miles between them made a relationship difficult. Persistent, the two continued their relationship after the cruise through handwritten love letters, but eventually this wasn’t enough. They went their separate ways but the thought of each other came up every once in a while. Finally 30 years later, they sought each other out once again and reunited in Grand Central Station, holding each other in their arms as a violinist played their love song from decades ago.



Roommate Tantrum

You never really know what your roommate is up to. Fortunately for this guy, his roommate’s screw-ups turned out well for him! At 1am one late night, Louis gets a call at his apartment – it was from a girl who had just started dating his roommate. She was infuriated about something and called to tell him off but called to hear only the roommate of the soon-to-be dumped guy. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so she vented to the guy on the phone. This venting session turned into two hours of talking and learning about each other. Turns out that it was love at first sound! The other guy missed out!

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Their love started off as most do – with excitement and sparks of finding someone who truly understands you. Unfortunately, love often goes south and turns into resentment over small things. This happened for one couple, who happily started a family but grew to resent each other over the years. While their two sons were still in middle school, the wife moved out and received a hateful letter from her husband for leaving. Then one day, it became clear what was most important to their family when the husband called the wife. “I realize now that nothing in life is more important than family, and I will do everything I can to keep ours together. Please come home.” And she did. That day was September 11, 2001.

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Fishing for Love

One day in 1957, an engaged couple went to the courthouse. The husband-to-be asked the clerk for a fishing license. She informed him that a fishing license was $1.50 and a marriage license was $2.50. After a bit of thought, he smiled and chose the marriage license. And so began their live of love and family. Even years later, whenever a disagreement came up, the wife reminded her husband that he could have purchased the fishing license for a dollar cheaper – but it would have expired in one year. The marriage license was good for forever.



Mythological Love

In Greek mythology, it is said that humans used to have two heads, four arms, and four legs. Scared of the creatures, Zeus split the humans into two so that they would have to search for the other half for eternity. This human found its other half when her husband-to-be arrived at her doorstep for their first date. She opened the door and found a mirror image: Levis, Timberland boots, aviators, and the exact same yellow jacket. Nice try, Zeus.



Vintage Love

As volunteers at AmeriCorps on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Brian and Lauren had little opportunity to court each other. He spent his days teaching computer skills and playing guitar while she taught English and wrote poetry. Despite being on the same reservation, they couldn’t meet during time off, so in order to talk, they did it the good old fashioned way: tin cans and a string. Their childhood-fashion love turned into a truly flowering romance and they’re now happily married.


Texas Typo

One day Ruben P. Salazar was starting up his computer at work in Texas when he noticed an email sent to “RP Salazar” that was sent from somebody he didn’t know. He assumed it was supposed to be sent to another RP Salazar with a slightly different address and he dug up the email of a “Rachel Salazar” who appeared to be located in Thailand. He forwarded the email with a “PS: How’s the weather in Bangkok?” A quick response was returned and from there the two started being regular email companions, until they were sharing things to each other that even their mothers didn’t know. By a month or two later, they were on the computer for hours at a time talking to each other. At some point, Ruben called Rachel and during their conversation she mentioned that she might come to the US. He replied that he’d be happy to show her around but never imagined that she would actually book a flight over – which of course, is exactly what she did later. They had been emailing for what felt like forever and finally 8 months later, they were actually together for 8 days. One of those days, they went out dancing and Rachel said, “You’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. No one’s ever been that tender to me,” and that was when Ruben knew. He needed to make sure he didn’t lose her so he got down on one knee. Everyone thought he was crazy when they found out, but now all they can say about the married couple is that they’re perfect for each other.



An Artsy Surprise

George was in love with his girlfriend of three years, Sarah. Naturally, he wanted to create an unforgettable proposal for ask her to marry him… But how? Since they’re both designers, George decided on something that was visually creative and clever. With the help of friends, an owner of an art gallery, and a pretend artist, George put together a fake art show. After a 40-hour workweek of setting up the very abstract “art pieces” around the room, the show was ready. The showcase of Serge Gandora (anagram for George and Sarah) was going to have a show called My Early Muir Owl (an anagram of “Will you marry me?”). On the big day, Sarah was just making small talk with some people when George came over and said a friend could introduce them to Serge. Upon meeting the actor playing Serge, it was explained to her that his artwork was “all about the intersection of text and space.” This was strange to Sarah, as there weren’t any text around the room, but she politely agreed. He told her that if he looked through the frames, she would see the world differently. So she looked around; there were little rectangles all around the room. Looking through most of them, the viewer would see only the white pieces laid out around the room. Then George subtly brought her over to a set of frames, one at eye level and the other only a few feet off the ground. She looked into the higher set and suddenly the white blocks of art scattered around the room made… letters? The word “you” was visible… She shifted position slightly and it came out of nowhere: Will you marry me?


The room was silent and everybody was expectantly looking at the couple. She turned to George, who was on one knee in front of the second pair of lower frames, holding a ring. “Of course I’ll marry you!” It was certainly an unforgettable night!


Pen Pal Partners

What better way to learn a language than to converse with native speakers? This was the idea when Heather’s high school french teacher started them on a pen pal writing. She began writing to her randomly selected pen pal, a guy named Fabrice from France. He told him about school and he told her about his life as a landscape artist in France. For 8 whole years, they shared an honest and open relationship through paper, sending letters back and forth. There were no appearances, no romantic intentions, no distractions to cloud their letters. In those 8 years, Heather went through marriage, divorce, and some more dating. Then Fabrice came to visit a while later and when she first saw him at the airport, it truly was love at first sight. She knew from the first moment that he would be her husband and a lifelong friend to whom she had bared her soul, and vice versa. Despite the language barrier, they managed with whatever knowledge they had of each other’s native languages and started the new chapter in their lives.



Equal Partners

Shelia lived a busy life. Until she was 50, her career in the air force came first, so there was no time for men. Then one day out of nowhere, she discovered an online dating site and created a profile. A man named Tony, also in the same rank as her in the military, found her online and they began chatting. Within a month, they met. After several meetings for lunch and once to hear Shelia preach at church, they went to the Maryland State Fair together. A rabbi was running a booth where he counselled couples and when they approached, he asked, “How long have you two been married?” Later on, they went on a carousel ride. As they rode in the midst of shiny horses and flashing carnival lights, Tony looked over and asked, “Ms. Wilson?” She replied, “Yes, Mr. Carter?”  “Will you marry me?” “Oh, sure, is this how our life is going to be? Going around in circles, going up and down all the time?” In the end, her final answer was: “Yes.”



An Incomparable Connection

Jane and Gary were college sweetshearts during their years studying respectively at Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design. They worked together for a literary arts journal. Just a year after meeting, they moved in together in New York and on their 10 year anniversary, they married. Things were great at first, but add on several more years and they started to fall apart. 10 more years after they married, communication issues were springing up and Gary had quit his job and moved out. When he left, he wrote a note, “I’ll always love you, but right now I just can’t live with you.” Needless to say, things were difficult on both sides.

After they divorced, the two kept in touch. Both had gone their separate ways and had started dating, but nobody they met was comparable. But 5 years after they separated, Gary’s father passed away, Jane felt she needed to be there for him and drove up to Massachusetts with a terrible cold to see him. It was then that they realized they were always a couple and wanted to be together. Despite the difficult patches and the rough times, the depth and nature of their feelings brought them together again for a second marriage.

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Cragslist Connection

Sometimes when you meet someone, you wonder where that could have gone. A friend? Just an acquaintance? Or more? For Dan this often came to mind, especially when he would get bored and look through the “missed connections” on craigslist. He thought the missed connections were interesting; how amazing would it be if those people actually found each other? Then one evening he saw a note from a woman named Erin for ‘Matt and Dan, the architects.” Dan was a little shocked and looked over to his cat. “I think she means me.” He and his friend Matt had met a woman of the same name days earlier at a rock concert. They’d talked for a few minutes and hit it off but once the concert started, she was lost in the crowd and they didn’t see her for the rest of the evening. He recalled thinking, “Who knows where that could have gone.” So immediately he replied to her note saying that they should hang out. On the other end, Erin was quite shocked to find out he had replied. It was so idealistic, so romantic – could it really have happened? But it felt right, so she met up with him and friends at another concert a few days later and hit it off right where they ended. Dan and Erin married in 2007 and gave birth to a child just one year later.


Doctor Doctor

Sarah was an actress for the American Shakespeare theatre in Stratford. One day after a show, a painful carbuncle on her back caused her to go to the emergency room. A minor surgery was done and she was sent to a local doctor for further care. On her first appointment at the local doctor’s office, she couldn’t care less what she looked like. An infection was making her feel terrible and all she wanted was to feel better, when a very handsome man with blue eyes walked into the exam room. Despite being so sick, she thought, “Oh, he’s cute.” At first, she thought that this handsome doctor, Sherwin, would be a good match for an older friend, but as she continued to return to get her dressing changed, her relationship with the him grew. From his perspective, she was one of the most interesting patients he had ever had. During the first appointment, she asked him about the Hippocratic oath on the exam room wall. She was curious about the translation as she had taken classical Greek in college. The next appointment, they continued to have disscussions about art, literature, science, and more as he did his work. Soon after, he went to one of Sarah’s showings of Romeo and Juliet. Another night, he took her out after the show and their conversations didn’t stop until the next morning. Probably the most memorable moment in their budding relationship was when Sarah invited Sherwin over for dinner. Everything was wonderful until he kissed her on the forehead as he was leaving and tried to open the door, when suddenly the doorknob just fell off. It took some silly and unexpected happenings, but Sherwin and Sarah realized just how much they were falling in love. Sherwin’s children were more than supportive of the relationship, insisting that he marry Sarah. They have now been married for over 30 years!



Foreign Lovers

Around the end of the cultural revolution in China, being able to study in foreign countries was a spectacular opportunity. For Yu, the opportunity to continue her film studies at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, would make her and her family very happy. As a straight-A student who was accepted to one of the prestigeous universities in China, Yu was working hard, taking on part time jobs as a waitress while balancing her studies. The story was similar for another young foreign student, Bao. He had completed his bachelors in engineering in China and had leaped at the opportunity to travel to Dublin to pursue a master’s degree. One day, Bao took up an invite to a friend’s party, where many young Chinese students were gathering for a good time. His life was changed when he met a well-mannered and studious girl. They hit it off and within months, had moved in together. Both hoping to complete their masters and return to China to work, they hadn’t imagined moving to yet another foreign country of strange people and stranger customs. However, the idea of starting a family together had come up in their talks and they realized that perhaps China wasn’t the best place to raise a child. So, the couple, scared but optimistic,abandoned their studies and set out for Canada with just their suitcases, clothes on their backs, and each other. It has been decades since they left Ireland but they have now established a life in Canada and raised two young daughters.

And I’m proud to be one of those daughters. I hope you enjoyed the article!