30 of the Most Romantic Stories Ever Told


Love: it’s mysterious, complicated, highly sought-after, and finding it is perhaps one of the greatest joys and achievements in life. While gossip is plagued by stories of love gone wrong, it doesn’t always go south! In fact, real-life love stories can sometimes turn out just like the movies. To prove it to you, we’ve found 30 of the most romantic stories. You won’t need Cupid to believe in true love after this!

Singing Stars

This love story started with a faraway admirer… literally far away, because he saw her from across the country in her hilarious YouTube videos! Colleen Ballinger, the YouTuber behind the popular character called Miranda Sings, was one day messaged on Facebook by Joshua, who had seen her YouTube videos. Although she was kind of concerned that he was a crazy murderous stalker with a chainsaw, their online relationship blossomed and they talked non-stop for weeks. Five weeks later, the couple finally met in person and decided to film a video. This was far from a normal video however, as they said this same video would be shown at their wedding reception. Soon enough, years later in 2015, the awkward video from their first in-person encounter was shared with their closest family and friends. Colleen and Josh are now happily married and both work as YouTubers.


Auctioning for Love

Abigail had the tendency to return to her old relationships – perhaps something had changed and they could still work out. However, her sisters and brother-in-law weren’t convinced, and one day persuaded her to let them buy her a date at the charity bachelor auction. Not optimistic, Abigail reluctantly agreed. During the action, her competitive and slightly tipsy sister out-bid the other ladies for a civil engineer fellow whom Abigail admittedly thought was pretty cute. After the bidding was over, Abigail explained that she was coerced into the whole situation by her sisters and said Dwayne didn’t have to take her out – but he insisted. After several dates, they bonded over a shared love for children, with Dwayne coaching little league and Abigail being adored by her young nieces, and are now a married couple with a soft spot for supporting charities. Read a transcript of their interview here.